The Simpsons & Family Guy Crossover 5 Minute Preview!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Z.T.O, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. So fucking lame.
  2. You know how something seems like a good idea on paper...
  3. Good for Family Guy, bad for The Simpsons. Sounds like a complete waste of time.
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  4. Lol random Bob appearance.
  5. Meh. Both of these shows are vastly overrated.

    I'm disappointed that we never got a crossover between Beavis And Butthead and King Of The Hill at some point.
  6. I had a similar perception. Family Guy is way more modern than The Simpsons. The Simpsons are an '80's program with makeup on. It's an intelligent show, but not built on the same humor or animation as Family Guy.
  7. Mike Judge dropped the ball, but America wasn't ready for Beavis and Butthead again.
  8. Seems lame. Simpsons lost their touch like 10 years ago and Family Guy never had a touch.
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  9. Family Guy is ooverrated

    people overthink it, it makes people laugh and is not self-rightious

    what more do you want
  10. Am I the only one here who prefers Family Guy? I find it more relate-able and entertaining.

    Simpsons was funny like for 10 years ago..
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  11. This felt cringeworthy to watch for some reason. It just...felt forced for this crossover for some reason.
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  12. I have a feeling Fox made them do this. Lol.
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  13. Jetsons meet the Flintstones was way better.
    I agree with Tgmiveld. Family Guy makes me laugh. I don't over think it.
    If a comedy is funny, I'll like it.
  14. no

    Family Guy is the proper stuff, no bells or whistles
  15. I get up and leave the room when my retarded roommate puts on Family Guy.

    The Simpsons was great in its day, but jesus christ enough is enough.
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  16. At least they gave the Cleveland Show its just due. Besides the kid, that show was completely shite.
  17. Simpsons most definitely has not lost their touch lol, still being original and still have similar jokes and segments in comparison to their first 15 seasons. Matt Groening has one of the most consistent minds in the world of animation.
  18. That's part of the problem. The program is over 25 years old with, primarily, the same exact cast members from day one.
    Why anyone wants 'similar jokes' and their 'original' material is beyond my scope. It's the same argument people have with John Cena. If he's stale than the Simpsons have to be stale. Of course, the majority rules out, of which, you are a member.
  19. Not as good as Family Guy, but it was a okay show, stop overthinking it

    Amercian Dad is probably better than both

    Simpson? Too ego-manical and self-rightious
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