Storyline The Sirens Blare

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    Shots of an out door area at sunset are shown. A prairie land with the sounds of crickets and birds chirping, insects buzzing and the prairie grass bustling under the golden light of the sun, half-way past the horizon. Just as a big wind settles down a voice is heard. The camera pans over to show Michael sitting on a lawn chair with a Hawaiian shirt , cargo shorts and carrea sunglasses on. He has a beer bottle in one hand while he holds a cigar in the other . He is sitting towards the sunset, occasionally taking sips of his bear and taking puffs of his cigar.
    Michael: Isn't that a marvelous sight? It's nature at it's natural peak. Nature at it's all time magnificence, and around you see it stretches for miles and miles without a single trace of a human to be found. I don't sit out on dark beaches or graveyards to act tough, I'm not one to play mind games or to toss an opponent lightly. In other words, Ami is just another "face" in the IWT. *Michael takes a sip of his beer* I'm not another face in the IWT, I'm not the biggest drawing card, the most accomplished or hell even the most talented. But what I am is the most influential man in the IWT today, I beat the "IWT Champion" to near death an hour or so before he cashed in. I brought back three former world champions, to join the New Generation. I'm not just a "face" here in the IWT, I am THE face of the IWT, THE Franchise.

    Michael takes a deep puff of his cigar followed by a sip of his beer.

    Michael: It's seems that as of late, there's no telling who will follow me on my campaign of the IWT. I have The Youth, in Alkatrz. The Brains, in Eric Draven and The Talent, in Michael. I all I need is one other man, women; beast. I'm not done until I have routed my New Generation deep into the IWT. I said months ago that I will be the man to bring down the IWT from the foundation up. When the time is right it will happen and it will rock more than just Ami, it will rock everyone. Who will it be? It can be ANYONE in the locker room, office or production truck as far as you know. It can be the soon to be 6 feet under, Ami. It maybe a man in plain sight, but until it happens, make sure you hear the sirens blaring.

    Michael takes another puff of his cigar before washing it down with a sip of beer. He stands up and walks off into the prairie, gradually getting lost under the glaring sunlight and tall grass covering everything in the field below. The camera fades away.
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