Storyline The "Size" Advantage

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  1. *He walks out with a cigarette in his mouth, hairy and oiled up body, hanker chief around his neck and white leather coat*

    "Hey....Bro! You know when i was at Yonker and ****s over in Green Bay, i noticed i'ma boss doin the ho's! So i asked the Stick of Truth which led me to stickin with the mommas, because bi's don't buy! Billy, i took you advice, and i gotta tell ya, ho's never went so low!

    *Squirts some oil on himself*

    And i never felt so alive, but i think your mother can say differently. None the less, i still love god, God is my passion and my package is her's. Eh Eh Eh, *Aids Fan, "Go Suck a Dick*" That's no way to talk to yourself! About my joke of an opponent, You may have a bigger passion for god, haha but you don't have the bigger passion where it counts.


    I'm to do something special for you ladies and gentleman and LADIES. *He puts his leg on top of the rope and starts rubbing his leg while singing!* Haha, Who here is going to have their Artist badge? He choses a girl from the crowd and says, your going to have a god like experience.​