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  1. The WWE Slammy awards are almost upon us once again. We the WWE Universe have the "power" to "vote" on each category, ultimately choosing the winner of each category. But, we know, it's rigged, and if by some chance it isn't, there's always a person who wins a slammy, leaving us all going WTF. So, people of the WWEF, nominate a superstar for each category, and let YOUR voices be heard! And the categories are;

    Superstar of the Year
    Newcomer of the Year
    Comeback of the Year
    Most Shocking moment of the Year
    Match of the Year

    Also, if you have any other categories you'd like to add, be my guest
  2. Wouldn't it make more sense to put members?
  3. Superstar of the Year: John Cena is obviously an easy candidate that you could make a simple case for (won his second Rumble match, defeated a star the caliber of The Rock, won both world titles, etc.) but Daniel Bryan deserves it more because he had a more impressive run when you consider that he doesn't already have the long list of accolades and proven worth that Cena has. That makes Bryan's accomplishments stand out more and thus makes him more deserving of the award for this year.
    Newcomer of the Year: I guess I'll go with Big E just because he's the Intercontinental Champion. The Shield have made quite the impact but they've done so as a group and not just as individuals.
    Comeback of the Year: Who's really made a big comeback except for Cena and I guess Punk? I think Cena takes this one just for refusing to sell his own injury and returning months before anyone expected (or hoped) he would, winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the process.
    Most Shocking moment of the Year: I guess Triple H hitting Daniel Bryan with the Pedigree and costing him the championship, thus portraying a heel for the first time in over eight years.
    Match of the Year: Brock vs Punk at Summerslam, easily.

    Should there perhaps be a category for Worst Superstar Of The Year? Because if so, Ryback takes that one hands down, for losing virtually every match he's been in this entire year.
  4. Doesn't the slammys have terrible categories like best kiss of the year and crap like that?
  5. Superstar of the Year: Daniel Bryan.
    Newcomer of the Year: The Shield.
    Comeback of the Year: Brock Lesnar (F5 on Punk).
    Most Shocking moment of the Year: Mark Henry's fake retirement speech.
    Match of the Year: The Undertaker v CM Punk.
  6. Superstar of the Year: Daniel Bryan
    Newcomer of the Year: Jojo. I hate Big E and The Shield so much that I can't understand why people love them.
    Comeback of the Year: Undertaker's going to Wrestlemania at Old School Raw
    Most Shocking moment of the Year: Either Undertaker being triple power bombed through the announce table, Taker on live TV at all after Wrestlemania, Punk dressing as Taker's Druid while Heyman dressed as Bearer in complete disrespect.
    Match of the Year: If Cena wins this upcoming TLC match...possibly.
  7. Superstar of the Year WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL How many times do you think we saw show cry? WWE really has had a terrible year, as far as superstars have gone. It's like a pyramid of bullshit, with Dolph Ziggler in the ground, as Miz smirks at him....since the dirt hasnt suffocated him yet.
    Newcomer of the Year Kurt Angle. The dude won 3 belts in a year! It's probably Ambrose.
    Comeback of the Year Cena. It's not what I want, but it's clearly what will be the choice.
    Most Shocking moment of the Year HHH with the pedigree. We knew Orton was going to cash in, we didn't realize they would make him look weak with HHH doing his job for him.
    Match of the Year Anderson vs Bully. Oh, wwe? Cena has been great since coming back, but i know there was a really amazing match in the summer i was drunk watching, and seem to have forgotten. TBA.
  8. You have to be 7 years old.
  9. Hope there's another one coming with more categories, just as an excuse to say a bunch of paragraphs and be positive:
    Superstar of the Year: Given all the anchors he's had around his feet all year, Bully Ray's just been too damn entertaining.
    Newcomer of the Year: Shield was last year! Would say Big E, but have no faith in them using him right. Does Taryn Terrell count? Amazing how she made us care about womens' wrestling for a while.
    Comeback of the Year: #2 in the Royal Rumble, coming back to fuck with Ziggler just for WWE to mess up their plans at the 11th hour... CHRIS! JERICHO!
    Shocking Moment of the Year: "I GOT PLENTY LEFT IN THE TANK!"
    Match of the Year: There was nothing that was anything like Punk and Brock at Summerslam. That was awesome.
  10. Coulda sworn this was in the WWE section, so it makes sense you all are nominating TNA wrestlers. Why the hell not?
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