Storyline The Start of The Apocalypse

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    The camera fades in from black to see a man in a black suit standing with his back to us. Around and in front of him is a set, the set has a array of illustrations of masks and Japanese characters in colours of Black and Red, the center-piece that is plastered directly in front of the man, is a giant Bullad Club logo. He stares at it for a long time, all is silent except for the man's heavy breaths, he suddenly turns to face us to show that he is an young asian man, a smirk stretched far across his face.

    Nakayama: Hello and welcome. Behind me is a logo I'm sure you've seen a lot of the recent weeks, Bullad Club, it's just as new to me as it is to you. I had not heard of such a thing until two weeks ago when I was approached by three men after a show, these three men are well known by you, Danny Jacobs, Scott Fargo and James Dragon. These three men made me a proposition, they had just saw me claim a victory, one of many that I have claimed in Japan and they offered me a place in this Bullad Club, I said no.

    Rio Nakayama gazes back on the logo once more and this time even more longingly than the first, he lets out a deep sigh and his earlier smirk turns into a grimace, his brow furrows to such a degree that a small shadow darkens his eyes before he returns them to the camera.

    Nakayama: This was a mistake and an insult to these three men, these three friends of mine. You see, in Japan wrestling, especially in the tough fist fight style known as Puroresu which I hail from, stables, especially ones that you may call "evil", are frowned upon to such a degree that you are seen as a less honorable and notable person for belonging to one, relying on others to win is not encouraged in Japan and I told these three men this. That is when they told me that this stables wasn't to be used to cheat...but to change. They invited me to see the change that needed to be made and when I saw, I agreed.

    Rio Nakayama's grimace grows even more, he loudly clenches his teeth and is visibly shaking in fury about the events he is about to recall. After taking many a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself, he continues.

    Nakayama: I saw the so-called wrestlers of this company and it truly disgusts me that you idiot westerners dare label these pathetic wastes of air wrestlers, wrestling is an art and a passion, the only men in IWT that seemed to understand that were the three who I stand by as a member of the Bullad Club. They want change for the better, they saw the mediocrity surrounding them and knew that they had to save western wrestling, they saw that they had to band together to create the perfect union of wrestling and to extinguish all that tarnish it's great name. That is where I come in to this stable, I am the final piece of the puzzle.

    Danny Jacobs uses his unholy strength, he is the power of wrestling. James Dragon uses his limitless charisma, he is the heart of wrestling. Scott Fargo uses his genius strategy, he is the brain of wrestling. Myself, Rio Nakayma, I use a little of all of these and I plan, just as Dragon plans, just as Fargo plans, just as Jacobs plans, to learn from one another to perfect ourselves. We are the last hope of western wrestling and yet you still all spite us with boos so that you may cheer these fake characters that don't know an armbar from armdrag instead? You, the western fans, are just as pathetic as those works of fiction.

    Rio Nakayama now loosens up a bit and lets out a mocking smile and chuckle.

    Nakayama: Speaking of fiction that reminds me of that "Spawn" character that the wrestler Danny Jacobs is going to destroy. It reminds of his Bible preaching and whilst I agree with my friend Jacobs that the Bible is all garbage to fill the dumps that are many people's minds, there is one part of the Bible I like and that I can use as a metaphor here.

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Jacobs uses his power to smite those in his path so he is War. Dragon uses his charisma to get under your skin, he is Pestilience. Fargo uses his strategy to leave his opponents exhausted, he is famine. Me? I am Death, the Death of this mockery of Wrestling you have in this shithole and I can not wait to kill it whilst you are all forced to watch.

    Nakayama laughs manically before shaking his head and walking out of frame, as he goes a video fades on to screen.

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