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  1. Before I start, this is not a work. Dat Kid shooting on me, that was a work. Me shooting on Britanica, that was a work. This is not a work.

    To be honest, I don't really know what to say. When I was first Britanica's assisstant, I'd always help users as much as I could. Often Britanica might not be on for 'x' hours, and so people would come to me and I'd help them with whatever it was. Whether they needed storyline help, thoughts on a new gimmick/character change, or if they wanted me to find a partner for their feud, I'd always be there. And that worked well for a long time.

    *Fast forward a few months*

    When Brit told me that she would be stepping down and chose me to continue as GM, honestly I was shocked/grateful that she'd chosen me to continue running IWT. I'd always gave my most to it, and as GM I knew I had an even bigger responsibility. I'll be the 1st to admit it, I've dropped the ball more times than I've wished, but everything I've done has been to make the IWT better. Whether you want to believe that or not is your decision, but the IWT is not made, ran or owned by 1 person. Not 1 person is bigger than IWT. EVERYONE makes IWT and everything I've done is to benefit (at least in theory) everyone.

    When I saw Big E Rection's video last night, I immediately went to the creative section and skyped Jabri. I thought it was a work, I really did. I didn't think he'd quit. Everyone in life has conflicts from time to time, whether it's through the internet or with your own family, and eventually there's a way to fix it. I was so shocked and sad when I found out it was legit. And then when I saw Danielson and Britanica quit also, I was like :dafuq: - what is happening. But this happens all the time in life. One person does something and some people follow, for an easier way out. And that's their decision, I respect 'em for it. Whether it was personal with me, or whether they just didn't want to be here without Dat Kid, I don't know and frankly it doesn't matter.

    I hope that IWT can continue to grow and become even more popular throughout the site, because it would be a shame for it to end like this.

    I really don't know what else to say... but...

    Thank You.
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  2. inb4 tears :dawg:

    Sorry, It is no offense to you but this section needs two people to run it. You are going to have your hands full.

  3. Honestly thinking back at some things I was getting all :cry:

    I'm running experiments. After just losing Dat Kid, I figured it would make sense to run things solo for a few weeks as a test.

    Before DK became mod, I was running it by myself pretty well. It was the fact that Crayo wouldn't trust me with mod anymore due to my attitude. I've tried to improve it as much as possible since then, and bar the odd thing I'd say I've done pretty well.
  4. You are getting better. :obama:
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  5. I try my best :sad:
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  6. If you need someone to run this with you, I can help you out a bit until you find someone better.
  7. I'm fucking tired of this work stuff. Threads full of shit where we think "This two are fucking up the IWT" Pesonally. I hate that
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  8. It's not a work?
  9. 100% not.
  10. My plan to destroy IWT is working! :moviestar:
  11. JOBri > JOBBERthan
  12. That was towards Rhod.
  13. I think he's angry about the works me and jabri did that were "shoots"
  14. I had to read that shit like 3 times before I got it