Storyline The State of IWT - Christian (Post-Mania)

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  1. Christian's theme plays but we see no sight of Christian. After 30 seconds he finally comes out wearing street clothes but doesn't look too thrilled. He has his tag-team championship around his waist and continues to walk down the ramp and into the ring. Christian gets passed a microphone and his music comes to a halt.

    We hear some Christian chants as Christian looks down on the mat.

    Christian: As much as people want this company to move forward, as much as people want this company to succeed, PEOPLE keep pushing it back and burying it beneath the surface! No, it's not Jonathan, it's not Trip, it's not even Aids...

    It's "The Cure."

    The Cure has been the cancer of this company for so long, and while some former members like Alias and Jwab saw the light and the FUN that is IWT, some members think it's fun to run in matches, cause havoc and to book matches the way they please. And that's fine because your whole career has been defined by nothing but corruption and luck! I mean, whatever happened to having raw talent, whatever happened to actually showing the world what you can do out there?

    The reason this company is in the shape it is, is because of bullshit like this. The superstars of today like myself show up during our matches even though we don't have to and do you know why?

    It's to keep the fire still burning, it's to keep the car still running, it's to keep this COMPANY ALIVE! And we've had problems in this company in the past, but one of the recent problems has been the size of the roster. You see it's shrinking. When new competitors see this company, they want to make a name for themselves, but once they look at Christian Vs. Chris Kaizer - IWTMania III, they don't see fun, they don't see excitement, they see the door and they go through it and LEAVE!

    And you know, I can leave just like the others have, but what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger!

    After a few seconds pass...

    Christian: Lee, you know what you did. It's clear as day to everyone on what you did. Alias... he's not coming back for a LONG TIME. He has a championship rematch clause. So when I beat Chris Kaizer like I would have and get my World Heavyweight Championship back... the IWT Championship is coming along with me. Because that's... how I roll...

    Christian drops his microphone as his music plays.

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