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  1. Trip in the Head is seen at a huge mansion sitting next to the pool in swimming trunks and shades with scantily clad women. He is obviously celebrating his IWT Mania III win which kept his IWT Mania streak alive. The camera approaches him as he asks some of the girls to move so he can address the camera. Oddly, all his scars are gone and he is not wearing an eye patch, both eyes are in perfect condition.

    TRIP: So what the hell is going on with my old company huh? Apparently the "upper card" of IWTMania III was a monumental fail. I know I showed up. I know The Influence showed up. And maybe Micheal did not win his match and became horribly injured in the process, but technically The Influence was the most present stable at IWTMania III. No one can argue that, but I'm sure plenty of you out there are going to try.

    Trip stands up with a drink in his hand as he paces while continuing

    The WHC match was a fucking wash. The IWT championship match was even worse, the ref giving the decision to the challenger for some crazy bat shit reason. Like a Montreal screwjob if you ask me. Pfft, whatever *Trip takes a big drink* Alias deserved that shit. And I got my win. But what do I have to show for it? Nothing. Not a god damn thing. Meanwhile people like Joey Bryant no show their match and we're all supposed to worship that asshole? Give me a fucking break. I think it's about time for the has-beens to move along out of IWT and let the ACTUAL serious competitors take the spotlight.

    Trip makes his way back to his lounge chair and sits as the girls congregate around him again.

    I'll be around. Will you? HAAAA!​

  2. The vignette ends as the two announcers begin to speak, however, they are cut off as another new Aids theme hits.

    Aids walks out to a massive boo, rolling his eyes as he stops at the top of the ramp to taunt the crowd...before running down and sliding into the ring. Aids grabs a mic and is paused before starting while the crowd continues to chant "You've got Aids" along with "Die already."

    You listen to these mother fuckers? Blaming everyone but themselves for their own transgressions. I'm not you're savior, i'm the man who brick by brick built this establishment, You cannot spell IWT without AIDS. You showed up to a poorly build card, are you not in creative? I showed up to give the people something to look forward too, but @Dat Kid left his balls in shadows closet. You know what? This building deserves to burn, none of you deserve to shine like I have here. Joey Bryant is a no show, Jono can't be asked to do his job, and both world title matches were mediocre at best....honestly it's like you chumps refuse to win.

    Do you know who I am? I am the one, Mr Wrestlemania, Mr Money in the Bank, the leader of future legends, and the man who has put this company on my back time and time and time again, now who are you? Mr. Trip in the Head? What this company needs is a new leader, someone who lead when times were good, because the current staff has done nothing but fail.

    Is there anyone who would like to challenge my opinion?
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  3. OOC: I like this idea. Have at it guys. Giver your "State of the IWT" address lol

  4. The crowd is surprised to hear this music, not sure who it is. Suddenly a titantron of Farooq's matches appears, the crowd roaring loudly. The former midcard champion steps onto the stage, wearing black dress shoes, and a black suit to match. He has a IWT microphone in his right hand, the man walking side to side as he remains on the stage. After a full minute, the music dies down, leaving the area sound with nothing, but the cheering fans. Farooq raises his left hand, signalling for the crowd to lower their tone so he can speak. He raises the microphone to his lips, a smirk on his face.

    "Is this what's left of the IWT? A drunken slob who think's he's the top dog of the world, and Trips? Yes this company is a failure. And you know what, I would be more than happy to walk away, and watch it fall, collapse comfortably at home. Unlike you both though, I plan to fix it myself. No more, no more of this crappy champions, and no more of these cheap wins. I'm still young, and this dog still has plenty of bark!" He says, the crowd cheering as Farooq remains at the top of this stage.

    "You and I, Aids, both know that talk is cheap though. I know who you are Aids. The self proclaimed mister Wrestlemania, the FORMER money in the bank winner and FORMER world champion, but you also forgot one more's, Farooq's, BITCH! Because after tonight, once again, I'm going to walk out a winner and you're gonna be on your back. I'm here to accept your challenge!"
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  5. A producer hands a note to Trip stating.

    "Tell Delik to give me a Slammy for most underwhelming Tournament final in fucking history - xoxox Michael."
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Since I already beat you once? Not one bit, son.
  8. You beat Farooq? Mr 21-few? You see my hall of fame ring?

  9. It's a little too far away for me to see- what with you being in that big old grave that you dug yourself into.

    @Delik Humour the boy and set it up please.
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  10. Love you, can't wait to see you win your first majour championship, that one you have now is cute.
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  13. I'll do it, sheesh
  14. Don't worry, to make up the win I'll get, here's a present:

  15. I am the IWT champion.
  16. :rollins:Thats not what I heard
  17. I think you'll find that im the IWT champion still 7 months and counting
  18. You can all be IWT Champ, I'm the only one that mattered.
  19. IWT's on it's final legs, It's Life Support...

    There doesn't seem to be much interest in IWT from a voting point of view and competing POV and the organization of everything is messed up imo, like who's OFFICIALLY in charge? I have no idea. Trip seems to be in charge with help from Gav and Butters and who else is in creative but the way he acts, it's almost like Dellik is in charge overall...

    E-Feds are dying on WWEF, IWT's going to die out unless activity gets back up and the fed can maintain it...

    And this is my 2 cents, I'm not going to come back to IWT in the future due to not having enough time (my match with Oval was a one off)...