Storyline The Stick of Truth

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  1. *Artist walks out with a new mask and looks as if he's really tired and rolls into the ring with a bag, he asks for a mic and the announcer hands it to him*

    "We have some problems! You see while at the holy waters taking my bath, listening to nirvana i found the stick of truth! And it's the one that wasn't in your mouth! Either way, this stick of truth has been something you need to find your path, not only that but this mask and coat is hiding my true self! So i asked the Stick of Truth! Should i unmask and take off my coat? And it told me, YES! So here we go!

    He takes of his coat revealing he has been wrestling COMPLETELY NUDE! His package gets blocked by a censor. and he takes off his mask. You see the Stick of Truth is god...ohhh lovely god! How i love you so much!...Oh sorry! The Stick of Truth told me this too! Come this April! There will only be one! God loving guru of LOOOVE! ME!

    This is what he look like now.​
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  2. OOC: i came into this thread thinking it was about the South Park game but instead i got this.....
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