Storyline The stinging pain.

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  1. ~A video of a masked man is shown on the titan tron accompanied by a dark song~

    [In a bellowing voice] - The Pharaoh sat atop his empire, ruling the world. Man of gold, king of slaves. The rustling of shackles, the snapping of whips, the sound of gold pennies. The sand blows sharp, sticking to the blood. Blue turns to red, laughter turns to slaughter. The swamps rule the sands. The maggot that grows, the buzz the numbs your brain. The warm musk of rotten flesh from the cattle. The infection that spreads. The feeding of the locust. The sun rises black. And the boy born dead.

    The Ten Plagues.

    You see IWT. My darkness has loomed over this world since the binding of the atoms. I am the evil in the back of your head. People have said that I think I am Devil. Well I am sorry to inform you vermin that the devil was what they called me, yet he does not exist. You humans are so stubborn to the truth you have to put a name on everything, you needed something, someone to fear, someone to fight against. When in truth, you can never beat the evil. Everyone is born with the darkness inside of them. It is because of this that I see everything, I feel everything. There is a not a thing that goes past my greater being.

    IWT. I have shown you the clock of death. As I showed Thutmoses II. He was as belligerent as all of you. His ego was stronger than the pile of bodies bellow his feet. You are running out of time. You need to embrace the pain before the dust blows back, and the skin is tore from your bodies. Your families will rot, and peel, and I will make sure those who tried to stop me, watch as I make their loved ones scream in pain and agony, because I love that.

    My blood is begging to boil. I cannot wait much longer. The end. So near. Mouth is watering. Blades sharpening. Death. DEATH. DEATH...

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