Storyline The Story Of Aiden Ryan (1/3)

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    January 1st 2011

    "Get out, Aiden! Just get out! I'm sick of taking care of you, I'm sick of watching you destroy yourself, watching you do what you do! I'm sick of wondering if you'll ever come back, the people in that environment are disgusting!"
    A voice yells as A hooded Aiden is standing outside in the rain, clothes flying, backs being drop by his feet.
    "I don't do it because I like to do it, I do it because it's the only way I can cheat the system and get ahead in life. It's the only way I can mange to chase my dream."
    Aiden pleads as his clothes continue to fly out at him.
    "You're a liar! You do it for the attention, You take off your clothing for married women and men, you break up everything. You're a sick person, Aiden! You have no self respect!"
    The voice yells as Aiden bites him bottom lip.
    "They are not allowed to touch me, all I do is take off my clothes they slip me a 100 bill and I go my own way. I don't do it for the thrill, I do it for the cash, i do it for us, gabriela!"
    The door opens completely as the voice turns into a face. she stares down at Aiden who is looking helpless and betrayed.
    "Why can't you do a normal job? why does it have to be taking your clothes off and dancing around to corny pop music? Why can't you work at a pizzeria?" She points down the street to a building that is shown to be a pizzeria.
    "Because pizzeria's don't pay you 100 dollars per dance. they don't tip you for looking good, they pay you 4 dollars for a fucking pizza, my job doesn't mean that I'm cheating or that they are cheating my job is an escape for people, it's an illusion and i am not going to go home with any of my clients. I am not going to emotionally attach myself to someone who is married because I am loyal to you!"
    Aiden stands there with his arms out, trying his hardest to make things work with his one true love.
    "Get out of my sight, Aiden."
    "Gabriela! Please! It's for us!"
    She shouts with a glare as Aiden begins to pick up his soaked items. She walks inside and slams the door making Aiden look up in fright. He realizes that it's over and can never turn back.

    March 11th 2012

    Aiden is shown in a dark alley leaning upon a graffitied wall with a bottle of rum by his side. The ice cold weather making his breath turn into water vapors.
    "I never intended to guide my life into a pit of depression, it was never my plan, never my vision. I planned to be an architect. Building dream houses for celebrities and the rich and famous people of Melbourne Australia. Pathetic right?"
    He pulls out a bundle of cash with an elastic band griping it together.
    "I don't want to be in this small town, Where people only know me as the stripper or the guy who doesn't speak a word. The shut off soul with nothing to lose but alot to gain. "
    Tilting his head back against the wall.
    "How much more can I lose?"
    He looks back down at the bundle of cash and sighs.
    Sliding the cash back into his pocket he looks back and forth and leans down to pick up his beverage. drink in left hand, right hand in pocket Aiden begins to stroll down the streets to the highway of where he would know many vehicles would be.

    March 12th 2012

    "I resorted to hitching rides from strangers and using my smile to get me where I needed to go. "

    "Come on. It'll be worth your while. dude."
    Aiden smiles with his hand a car door handle.
    "I would lie, cheat the system. use people to get where I needed to be and not give them any favors back. They would be somewhat scammed of the "Good Time" that i offered but it's a dog eat dog world and if you don't got what it takes to make it through the night, then what makes you think you can make it through the day? We all use eachother."
    The man shakes his head and drives off.
    Aiden picks up a rock and pegs it only to miss the car.
    He yells whaling his hands out in a furious motion.
    As Aiden Kicks some rocks around on the side of the highway the clip fades to black.
    "if you have to lower yourself to my standards just to get out of the place you hate the most. I truly feel sorry for you."

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