The Story of Aiden Ryan (2/3)

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  1. IWT Films Present - Aiden Ryan
    Part Two

    September 2nd 2013

    "So for someone who walks miles and miles on end you still manage to smile."
    A women's voice is heard as the clip shows a car pulling up to Aiden who is sat on the curb.
    "Where are you trying to hitch to?"
    She asks as a worn out Aiden looks up.
    "I'm not exactly "Hitching."
    he bluntly responds hugging his knees towards his chest.
    "So you're just getting in cars only to be kicked out? My assumption is you're a prostitute."
    He slowly gets up and looks into the car.
    "Sydney Airport."
    She looks at him in confusion.
    "That's where I'm heading."
    He responds in a serious manner as she smiles.
    she unlocks her car door, He looks down at her with tears in his eyes.
    "Are you just going to stare at me or are you going to get in?"
    She says not giving him any eye contact. with no hesitation he opens the car door and gets in.

    "The fact that I came across that way she described disgusts me, I never slept with anyone but yet I lowered myself to the point of doing it. I offered what I couldn't commit to and yet though i did nothing, it still makes me question the type of person I am. Am I bad person?"

    He looks out the car window as he thoughts race faster then the cars in traffic.

    "What's your name, Honey?"
    She asks as he looks back at her.
    "Your name?"
    "I don't feel comfortable telling you that."
    "You're in my car, I'm giving you food, I'm taking you to your destination without you having to embarrass yourself. What the fuck is your name?"
    She replies in a stern manner.
    "Parker." He responds as she looks at him and shakes her head.
    "Parker", Why are you doing this?"
    "Doing what?"
    He responds resting his elbow on the side of the car door.
    "My assumption is you ran away from your problems, you have no where to go, you have a dufflebag full of clothes, and your offering people a "Good time." surely shit can not be that bad for you to resort to being a prossie."

    "Your assumptions are pretty ****y."
    He thinks to himself as she pulls up to the gas station and stares at Aiden as he looks at her.
    "I'll be back."
    She responds leaving the car and heading into the gas station.
    He looks down to see her keys still in the car, He resists temptation but can't help but pick up the keys in his left hand. With a smile on his face he thinks of the possibility that could be done.

    "Stop." He thinks to himself.
    "She's been nothing but nice to you, put them back."
    He tries convincing himself.

    "What do you think you're doing!?" A voice yells as Aiden throws the keys back and sprints out of the car with his bag.

    The screen fades to white...

    January 1st 2014.

    "The definition of working your ass off couldn't be any more real to me.
    Three years and here I am."

    "So, Remember when you heard I had a dream? "
    Aiden is shown exiting a building with some cargo pants, worn out sneakers and tank top.
    "Well, The dream I had for both me and Gabriela, the dream every guy had. I'll be the wrestler while you be the perfect girlfriend who comes to my shows... pathetic right? No... I mean the girlfriend part."
    Aiden smiles walking through the busy streets of the big apple.
    "But with only street sense how do you think I can fit into the wrestling world? Would they accept me? I don't even have ring boots, ring trunks, or cool face paint to stand out... But yet again at this point in my life, I refuse to take no for an answer. I fought my way here and there is no chance in hell i'm going to give up now."
    The clip shows a garage door to which Aiden Ryan is shown running over towards.
    "Gentleman, This is your chance."
    A voice is echo'd through Aiden's head.
    "This is your chance to prove to the world why you deserve to be a world known wrestler, this is the path you will be taking, this is your legacy."

    "On Three, Aiden And Jeremy you will open the garage door to what will be everyone's new path."
    The man is shown with indie wrestlers behind him.
    Aiden grips a handle at the botom as he looks down.
    Jeremy grabs the other handle as he looks over at Aiden.
    The two men grunt lifting the garage door up as it reveals what is yet to be heaven for every single wanna be wrestler.

    "Welcome to DWE"

    The clip fades.

    "Moments like this, make me proud of where I am now."

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