The Story of Kane.

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  1. Just saw this on Facebook :hmm:
  2. It's been so long I didn't even see the cycle happening again before my eyes. Wow, great find.
  3. Saw this but really is a :true:
  4. Heelbook facebook group?
  5. There's where I found the image...
  6. I like a page call Heelbook, might have been that or a share. I have a shitload of WWE fanpages that post memes around from pretty much each other.
  7. I've enjoyed Kane throughout his recent storyline. Although I love his monster angle, I think he's actually quite good as a face. He's one of those few Superstars for me that does an amazing job as a face and a heel.
  8. I made the X-Pac/Bryan comparison before, and I can even see a moment in the near future where Kane is hurt by The Shield destroying Daniel Bryan just like he was the night after Fully Loaded 1999 (when Undertaker destroyed X-Pac.)

    If we're being serious about Kane's overall history though, don't forget his friendship with RVD and Tori breaking his heart.
  9. those one handed chokeslams were awesome, especially on X-Pac cuz the little guy bounced when he hit the mat
  10. idk what I miss more.. Kane's old mask or the old tag titles
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