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  1. *The scene opens with Trip in the Head sitting behind his desk, a smug smile on his face*

    TRIP: Nice little piece you put together Dat Kid, but you forget what I have at my disposal as GM. *He stands up as he places his hands on the desk and leans forward slightly* Play the video......

    *Fade to black as the music starts*

    *The black scene slowly fades into slow motion clips of a younger Trip in the Head working in IWT developmental. He is shown taking bumps, always getting back up with a determined look on his face. And working on moves like his finisher, the Fall of Night. As the pace of the music quickens the images are shown more numerous and in more rapid succession. He is then shown shaking hands with some big names in the industry. Aids Johnson, the ex-GM Jonathan, even Britannica.......

    The video cuts to black as heavy guitar hits and images from Trip's debut match with Duke Nukem are now shown. Trip in his over the top butcher gear, yelling and growling at the fans. He stands victorious at the end of the match.

    The video cuts to Trip holding a burned teddy Bear that was once discarded by Britannica during a match. Several videos flash by of Trip taking hard hits with shots of him holding the bear in between. Trip always laying on the mat getting pinned.

    The next segment shows Trip in the Head as Dick Tripin, standing with the short lived DX team - lead by none other than Dat Kid himself. Then each member slowly fades away until only Trip and Dat Kid are left. The background behind them fades to black as Dat Kid's image fades and then Trip's image fades away as well......
    (pause in music at 1:16)

    As the music begins again Trip is then shown in photos watching his family butcher store get closed down, while images of Dat Kid running FSW in luxury are mixed in between. Trip is shown in his lowest and most isolated moments while Dat Kid lives up the high life.

    Next images are shown of Trip in the Head as he returned with The Order of Night and dominated the tag team division in IWT with Marcus Anthony. Images of them winning the tag belts at IWTMania 2 are shown next. These transition into images of Britannica being crucified in the ropes by Dat Kid and the Order subsequently losing the tag belts.

    Finally, a lone image of Trip in the Head as the new GM is shown with a dark background. Words flash on the screen that read:


    *The background behind Trip becomes a transparent image of the current Britannica and Dat Kid alliance. A large smile forms across his face before he throws his head back and laughs in slow motion as a final word fades in on the screen as his image fades out*


    *The screen fades to black as the music fades out*
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  2. Nice!
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  3. Naughty!
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  4. I was expecting Oasis.
  5. Epic. You and Kid really have put an effort with this feud. Can't wait.
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  6. Thanks man, I told Kid I was really enjoying it. And really, no matter what the outcome of the match ends up being, I'll be happy with it.
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