The Supershow is apparently dead

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 29, 2012.

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  2. So, basically the brand extension is still dead, they're just changing the name?

  3. Interesting, really nice. That "Supershow" written SD style under "Raw" annoyed me for some reason.
  4. To have the major smackdown guys appear on RAW is inevitable since the storylines is so much more intertwined nowadays. Still it opens up for the smaller guys on SD.
  5. Pretty much this.
  6. :facepalm1: Please unify the world titles
  7. There's literally no reason not to at this point.
  8. They should only do this if it's becoming one show. If I had it my way I'd have SmackDown a completely different product than RAW, a different show, similar to ECW. Different feel about it, so much so that when RAW and SmackDown stars confront each other you're like "Oh shit". Make it rare, have it so rare that they actually collide. You need a title on each show to have it that way.
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  9. But it's not like that anymore. It's all just one thing basically now.
  10. So we're back to when SD first debuted? Raw and SD, same people on both shows but they're different things right? They'll probably keep the method they have today, where people are on both shows but there's still a "division", so they can have two house show circuits.
  11. Why can't they just go back to being it's own brand? Or at least unify the belts.
  12. I think that no supershow is great for a 2 reasons:
    1.It gave Smackdown no meaning since the Smackdown stars were on Raw
    2.It didn't give enough time for other Raw stars to be on Raw
  13. I hated the supershow thing anyway
  14. I also hated the supershow thing so glad they did that. Smackdown is pointless now, just the same as Raw so if anything, Smackdown should be renamed to Raw Supershow because what is the difference?
  15. After awhile, it became stupid to keep calling it a Supershow anyway. A tiny step closer to the brand extension being completely dead (technically it already is since there's just two world titles, but no real brand split.) If they unified the belts, it would be extremely obvious that the WWE Champion would win though, because the WWE Title is the 'real' world title of the company.
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  16. Good post.
  17. This is the only reason a 'brand split' still exists to any extent. Obviously the product would be better at this point if they just ended it and unified the titles, but they make a lot of money running twice as many house shows.