Storyline The Surprise Return Debut Comeback of Trevor Raynor

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  1. The scene opens with a female reporter jogging up to our hero, Trevor Raynor who is carrying a suitcase and wearing an all black suit with shades. The reporter shoves a microphone in Trevor's face and begins to fire off questions...

    Reporter: Trevor! Trevor! Trevor! Rumor has it that you're making your return to IWT, what do you have planned for your big debut?

    Trevor Raynor ignores the reporter and keeps walking. The reports stays persistent, and keeps asking Trevor the same question. Trevor stops and turns to the reporter and realizes the reporter is beautiful. He takes his shades off and puts him in his coat pocket and takes the reporter's microphone.

    Trevor Raynor: Trevor Raynor is coming back to IWT yes, and it was supposed to be a surprise. But since you were so damn persistent I just had to finally give in. Raynor winks at the reporter When I heard there was an open #1 Contenders Tournament for the X-Division championship, I couldn't resist. I've had my eyes set on this title since I've started wrestling and from what I've heard from my friends on the inside, this Nick guy, Is a nerd. He's going to regret inviting me to this tournament.

    The reporter takes hold of the microphone in Trevor's hand and speaks into it.

    Reporter: Strong words for the X-Divsion champion but, what do you have to say about the other competitors in this tournament? Do you think any of them pose any threat?

    Trevor Raynor: To be honest, nobody in this tournament makes me doubt my chances at taking the gold. Actually, there is one man. He goes by Bruce Knight here but, I remember him from his darker past. I know that he has also been invited to this tournament, and I hope that he enters. He is a worthy competitor, he has proven that before, and I hope that if he does enter this tournament that we meet in the finals. But, to everyone else in the tournament, I'm taking you all out, but first, I'm taking her out, to dinner!

    The reporter blushes as Trevor drops his suitcase and picks her up and carries her off as the scene fades out.

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