Storyline The Table's Have Turned.

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  1. Aiden Ryan is present in the ring with microphone in hand and a piece of paper in the other.

    "After 78 Hours of being bounced back and forth, Back and forth from office to office to talent relations to the board of directors, I have been advised that I come out here and apologize for my actions. My actions this past month were shown to me and I was fined 15.000$ For my destructive behaviour and my "Enraged Out-bursts". I have also been fined 5,,000$ For placing production into taking responsibilities for my actions, Endangering other talent..."

    AIden Stops and breaths in and disbelief with a shake of he's head he looks back at the sheet of paper.

    "I have also been advised that If i do not admit my faults within the next two weeks that I will be removed from the premises and never seen in a wrestling ring again, This then forth will lead me to being deported from the united states and sent back to my native country where then I will be escorted to a mental faculty and held there until further notified."

    Aiden Drops the sheet of paper and rest's he's hand on he's upper right leg and shake's he's head.

    "That's disgraceful . I used an act of self defense, Not an act of unnecessary violence. I do not have any sort of mental disorders the only mental disorder that you are hinting at is most likely to be UTLARL Syndrome. "Unable To Leave Aiden Ryan Alone.".

    A Massive fan pop thunders the arena as the fans show respect to Aiden Standing up for himself.

    "What Exactly do I have to do to prove my self worth around here? What exactly is it that these people are awaiting me to do? They didn't do anything when Reagan Cole hit me from behind? They didn't do anything when Harriet Vargas belittled me backstage at mania, They didn't do anything while the medical unit was beating me to a bloody pulp. For Fuck Sake you're security is so fucking fat on doughnuts that it took The Trip In The Head And Marcus Anthony to come and take out you're fascist medical unit."

    "Why don't we take a look at what there is to find backstage and compare to who I am and to what everyone else is?"

    A Camera cuts to some over-weight security guards by the coffee table.

    "Uh! Oh yes. There's our wonderful security staff right now. Stopping law in it's track against fresh fruit entering the arena. Because if it's not sugared, salted, or has any substance of fat in it then it isn't suitable for our tastebuds, Not that we get to taste anything that comes in anyway. It's pretty much devoured all over the table when we try to go back there."

    The Camera cuts back to Aiden Ryan.

    "You see... Why should i be subjecte.."

    "Excuse Me!"

    The Fans Instantly start to boo at the witchy voice echoing through-out the arena. Aiden lowers the microphone from he's mouth and begins to count to ten.

    "I said excuse me!"

    A voice emerges through-out the shadow as Vickie Guerrero approaches to ramp. With a wicked look on her face she glares down at Aiden Ryan who is using he's fingers to count.

    "You were ordered to do what the board of directors had asked and if you do not comply with these demands then I'm going to have to take legal action, Mr Ryan."

    Aiden Mimics Vickie's voice with he's hand.

    "Fine! You asked for it!" Vickie Laughs in a maniacally way as the lights shut off.

    With The lights being out the camera catches some shadows sliding into the ring. With loud thumps and painful grunts the lights return back on.

    A Table is set up in the corner of the ring and Aiden Ryan is knocked out on the mat with two masked men standing over him.

    "Ladies And Gentleman, If you are confused as to who these men are. These are the men who attacked Pain and now their coming to get he's only ally"

    "This Isn't fair, JR."

    "You're Gosh Darn Right it isn't fair, This young man has been through enough as it is!"

    One of the masked men clenched Aiden Into a powerbomb position. The fans begin to throw in items they find within the audience reign. The ring piling with glowsticks to stop these masked men. Aiden is lifted up and forcefully slammed through the table.

    "You Suck!" The Fans Chant as the two masked men roll out of the ring and make their way up the ramp-way towards Vickie.

    "Good Job." She Mouths to them both as they nod and walk through the curtain.

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  2. *The British Kid Quickly Appears Jumping over The Barricade to Help Aiden but Vickie Notices Him*
    *The British Kid Gets a Microphone*
    Kid: wait.....when were you even in IWT?!
    Vickie: i'm @Delik 's New Assistant!
    Kid: you do know he's from Britain?
    Vickie: Really? uh oh....
    *Vickie Quickly Goes through the Curtains Whilst Kid Enters the Ring and Checks on Aiden and Shouts to the ParaMedics to help him but nobody Comes so Kid Carries Aiden Out of the Ring and Through the Curtains*