The Tag-Team Division

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  1. Quite a while ago someone posted a report on here that said WWE are looking to improve the tag division, with better teams and more focus. Lots of people criticised it, saying it won't happen, but it has. The tag-team matches and the division in general is easily the highlight of RAW & SD! these days.

    The Rhodes brothers have been great as champions. Then you've got brilliant teams like The Real Americans and The Usos who both deserve reigns in the future. Truth and Woods look exciting. An undercard of The Prime Time Players, Los Matadores, Tons of Funk, 3MB contributes too. In addition, there's The Shield & The Wyatt Family who aren't specifically tag-teams but still feature in many matches.

    It's basically the only reason I watch RAW.

    The Real Americans (C) v The Usos for WM30 please (assuming the Rhodes bros have split).
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  2. Everything's going great for the tag division. As much as you see me bash the WWE Product nowadays, Brad, it's almost impossible to look away whenever the tag division is on TV. Unlike the singles division, it's really hard to not care about many teams.The Prime Time Players are too entertaining to really bury, 3MB may be getting the most character development on the roster, Los Matadores are kinda fun, Truth and Woods are fresh and new. Real Americans are doing a great job getting Cesaro over, and the Usos, Rhodes, Shield, Wyatts always deliver... What's not to love? (Except maybe Tons of Funk :haha:). And if they actually want to do things with Hunico and Camacho, that's cool too.

    Even with the stale "isolate the babyface" stuff, you know the action you get after it will be so good that it'll be worth it in the end. And anytime we get a big brawl that's great too. They did this last year, but within a couple of months they ran out of matches. Looks like they've learned their lesson about that this time, many of these matches are fresh and they're taking their time with it. As long as they keep it that way, we'll be enjoying this for a long, long time. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. Yeah, I'm glad to see that they've made significant improvements to the tag team division. It's one of the things that Triple H has talked about wanting to improve in interviews (since he's very traditional and loves the history of tag team wrestling) and I have to think he is probably the one pushing for it the most and deserves a lot of credit for it. Rhodes, Real Americans, Prime Time Players, Usos, Rollins/Reigns, Harper/Rowan, Los Matadores, Hunico/Camacho, 3MB, Tons Of Funk, etc. R-Truth and Xavier Woods look to be a tag team for the moment as well, and The Ascension should be debuting soon enough, too. Too bad that the Rhodes and Rollins/Reigns won't be together for much longer, though. The Shield will probably break up around or after Wrestlemania and the Rhodes will split apart no later than after the Rumble or Elimination Chamber.
  4. Yeah, it's working now. The Rhodes, Wyatts, Shield, Real Americans and PTP are all great teams. Truth and Woods looks good, Los Matadores are fine, 3MB is funny, you know, you have lots of great teams and it feels relevant. What's not to love?
  5. The tag team division is looking phenomenal at this current point and time. It's one part of the show The Hoff looks forward to. Awesome to see the tag division get the main event on RAW.
  6. Glad they finally picked up the action in the tag division. I was saying not long before the report came out how I enjoy those matches a little more. Happy to see the report was true!
  7. They really fixed the Tag TEam Division. Real Americans are awesome cause I've always liked Cesaro. Rhodes Brothers because Cody is great and...Goldust! Usos are great. Who doesn't like The Shield? Wyatt Family is good. Now Punk and Bryan which I have waited awhile to see happen. Also, Woods and Truth looks like a great team.
  8. The Hoff has hopes for The E keeping The Best and The Beard as a team past Survivor Series. Then again, Bryan was in a tag team not too long ago, so, The Hoff's undecided. him in singles towards HIS WWE title. Randy's just keeping it warm for D-Bryan, around those chiseled rock hard abs of his. :kiss:
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