The team of Rybaxel

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Somehow this team makes me think of these guys:

    especially if you watch Backstage falout for this week.
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  2. I coined the name AxBack for their team during the Smackdown discussion. Obviously Vince put them together to appease me. :happy:
  3. So many tag teams right now..........I like it.
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  4. Well if the belts unify its gonna be the way forward.
  5. There are a lot of tag teams, who`s the creative guy who propposed the idea? Teddy Long?
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  6. That team feels so awkward, it's funny. I think it'll be interesting to see Ryback as part of a team, and this could be a bit good for Curtis since he has nothing to do since losing his championship.
  7. Awkward team, but I love it.

    The tag team division is becoming a strength to the product.
  8. they should be team unemployment line
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  9. They're a pretty decent tag team, I guess. What a difference a year makes, though - around this time last year, Ryback was still hot and main eventing for the WWE Title. Now he's teaming with Curtis Axel lol.
  10. There is still a chance Ryback can make something of himself in the WWE. Axel is done. Regardless of his in ring ability, his lack of charisma and the FACT that he was saddled with the piss poor worst name in the history of pro graps "Michael McGillicutty" means to me that Curtis Axel is dead weight and will never reach any star status that isn't given to him.
    He is probably the only guy on the WWE roster that I honestly think could better his career by going to TNA.
  11. never seen funny team like this one. even team hell no is more powerful than this shit.:happy:
  12. Ehh, I kinda like this team. They aren't particularly amazing but they aren't shitty
  13. Rybaxel is fucking cute
  14. Only you would think that....

    Honestly, If their Name is Rybaxel......I think the WWE needs to find a new name for them. The name is just bad.....Even Tons of Funk is a better name....
  15. You're right. I cringed the first time I heard the name. They need to come up with an alternative.
  16. They have been forming a bunch of watchable tag teams. I'm glad the WWE is no longer leaving the tag team division out to die.
  17. Bully Ray once said: "tag teams aren't what they were before because nobody really wants to share their time with another person." Basically, that's why lots of tag teams don't really go forward. Can you think of Primo without Epico? Or Jimmy without Jay? I truly can't because they are what a tag team should be. This tag team may keep going one or two months, no more.
  18. Well, I suppose they don't have any other place to go, so they're fine. If they work a dynamic like the one in the video it could be fun.
  19. Team WeWereOnceInNexusAlmost4YearsAgoAndStillSuck
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  20. Team Nexus`Reborn