The temporary shift in power

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  1. A vignette is shown as FTJ and Adam finish their commentary on the IWT app, showing Aids Johnson being taken in by the local sheriff department. He gives a smug look, staying silent as he is read his rights and being taken to the local hospital where he is given a breathalyzer and a blood sample is taken. Aids is forced to keep his handcuffs behind his back during the blood sample, and is clearly in pain, but says nothing.

    When this is finished, Aids lawyer is waiting and immediately attacks the officers with an obstruction of justice charge, along with challenging the fact there was no breathalyzer taken on the premise of said arrest. He also reads paragraph 11 section 3 of Aids contract, stating that he is an IWT ambassador to the public when not competing, and was fully allowed to drink on the premise, provided he was not being a public nuisance. Aids is granted bail pending the case, and when the vignette finishes, Aids walks out to the ring without music, being followed by a five man legal team, and a newly purchased security staff of eight. Aids has them surround the ring, while his head legal advisor walks up the steps, accompanying him into the ring.

    As you all very well know, I have spent the better part of the last 24 hours having my blood drawn, being booked under extremely laughable charges, and now spending the better part of the next month in and out of a courtroom due to the negligence and overbearing power shown by jonathan in support of the new mouse in our house, JwabTV. You all think Trip became a coward? This new situation could not be much worse. Jwab is being held up by Jonathans strings alone, because as well all know, JWAB has no spine.

    And yet this is my last time in this ring until my rehabilitation has been completed, so as to show a court that my alcohol use is not a dependency, it is a choice by the greatest man to ever hold a belt in this company, and so I can avoid the absolute abuse of power that will be shown over the coming months. So what brings me to this ring tonight? That vignette showed my situation, what am I here for?

    A cheap laugh, a reminder of who I am and why I am the greatest damn champion this company has ever seen. I have defeated champion after champion, while Joey Bryant has skidded along against mid-level talent, and jobbed as much has he has won. I give opportunities, but when Joey holds his belt, your opportunity is all but a given. Joey is the best damn thing this company has to offer in my absence, but is there possibly another future star ready to step up and deliver to the company?

    This is a tape my legal team has obtained due to the FOIA I have had requested. The reason Jonathan was ready to face the unknown. This tape proves that Jonathan is ready, able, and willing to face any contender in this company, and that the bylaws should present an opportunity for Aids vs Jonathan. Roll the footage.

    *As the video is shown, Aids shakes his lawyers hand, and walks out of the building, getting into his limo and exiting the building*
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  2. This was really, really good.
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