The Third Man

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    Farooq could be shown on the titantron, sitting at home. He takes a sip of some tea, wearing a white suit. His hair puffed out, as he looks at the camera. "Oh... Hello there." He says, waving at the camera. "I have something to tell you... Something quite important..."

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    The arena and titantron go black.

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    Farooq comes through the curtains, looking out at the crowd. The crowd was cheering for him, he wore his white suit with a white tie. His hair the same, but with a gold watch on his wrist and white shoes. He walks down the ramp, entering the ring. He took the microphone from the announcer, the crowd still in shock to see him. "Quiet down... Quiet down.." He spoke, chuckling a bit. "Now... There's been a lot of things that's happened since I've left. New champions... New faces... Hell I even put out some new movies... But." He said, raising his finger. "There's one thing the IWT has been missing, and that's a true star. You see, the IWT doesn't need the other wrestlers... It needs three things. Three things, to make it perfect. Think of it as a... Holy trinity. And I certainly fit it." He said, giving a smirk. "In history the best thing comes in threes... Hell, they even say three is a party. This party, is one you all get to watch, but you can't come in. This is for VIPs only, and none of you are good enough... Only two are good enough. Come on out, and let's show this crowd, the party they're going to be missing out on!"
  2. Dat Kid is back!? Oh happy days<3
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  3. Count the days on your title reign son, Fooqy Booqy is coming for you, and we know you can't compete.
  4. Same goes for you. Whatever Farooq wants he gets
  5. Nick? :haha:
  6. I just broke dat kid's neck. He got Yoshi Tatsu'd