Storyline The Third Standard

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  1. The Artist walks out wearing "The New Generation" T-Shirt and walks down to the middle of the ring before taking the mic. When he grabs the mic he walks outside and paces around outside of the ring before rolling in and standing up.

    Artist: *He looks around at the crowd for a long while* For months now the only thing thats haunted my very career is that for 7 long months I've been on the receiving end of every loss in every match. I never cared for the IWT Title or the World Heavyweight title or for the X-No one cares title or any accomplishment at that. I want to fight, and I want to emerge victorious. I've surrounded myself by the best of the best here in the IWT and our soul objective of bringing Dat Kid to our knee's is on hold for now. We're not gonna run around in some abandoned Chucky Cheese calling it a Church and have a couple of PWGP rejects follow me to the ring while a much more talented rookie fights my battles. We're not gonna have members who bask in the groups glory because they can't do anything without our brand. We're not your prototypical group of guys that want the IWT Title, we're here to right the wrongs that so many have put in place.

    Artist looks around the arena as the crowd chants and pops at random moments for no particular reason.

    Artist: We're here to take what we want and we're here to destroy it in our wake. The site of our storm isn't the IWT title or World Heavyweight title. Our storm brews in every corner of every path. Path C is the way of The New Generation and whether you like it or not more men and women are following... Path C. The New walkway for A NEW Generation. Ladies and gentlemen we welcome all followers and this path...PATH C is and always will be an open book to those who chose the fight our battles with US. No matter what you think of me, Anonymous or anyone else this NEW Generation... is here... to... stay.

    Artist drops the mic and walks out of the ring.
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