The Time Has Come.....

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    *Reborn walks onto the stage and sits down*​
    Reborn: The Time is Now..... Today is the debut of... a Savior.... My name is Reborn. I'm just a newbie here. It's obvious that I'm going to be underestimated... But who knows? I could be here on top, or I could just be down below.. But all I know is that at Summerslam.... I'm in a Battle Royal. a "Proving Grounds" Battle Royal. I'm going to try my damnest.. It might not be enough but it could just be enough to steal the whole damn show. I have to go through 7 other men.. Like I said, I might be underestimated. or Underrated. But that's not going to stop me from going out there and doing what I do best. and that's Wrestle. and to all of you in the back, just watch out, You never know, I could just be facing you. You could just be trapped as the Referee counts to 3. And as the theme goes. everyone will be saying It's... All.... OVER.​

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