Storyline The Time Has Come

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  1. There are times in our lives when we sit back and reflect on what we have become. We think about the chain of events that had brought us to the present.

    I believe in having your fate written before you even exist and that every decision was predetermined. My fate has been and will always lead to one thing....destruction. I was created with sole purpose to destroy. My life has always been filled with those revolving door characters. Always in and out of my life all because when I let them see who I really am....they began to fear me. Feared what they don't understand. They hated what they couldn't conquer. They were just inferior to all I was meant to be.

    In IWT....I found people who saw what I am not as a monster, but as a brother. They saw me as one of their own. They helped me tap into potential I never thought possible. How could I ever let anyone or anything take that away from me?
    Why would I let go of what I've always been searching for, a family.
    I promised myself long ago that I would do anything and everything I can to protect my own.

    We fight

    We run the night

    We....are The Order and we will reign supreme once again
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  2. 56 views before a post. I'm glad you're back brother, let's make this fun again.
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