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    [Fargo is on his knees in the center of the ring after his victory, staring directly at the hurt Tyson Storm slumped in the corner after his defeat. Fargo puts his hand out as the referee hands him his championship, but continues his serious stare at Storm from across the ring. Fargo shakes his head out of disappointment and gets to his feet and angrily marches over to the ropes. He doesn’t need a mic in hand for the people at ringside to hear him barking orders.]


    [The ringside attendants rush around and eventually hand Fargo a microphone. He turns back to Storm with a look of anger, hatred and disgust. Fargo marches over to his opponent in the corner and crouches down in front of him.]

    "Fuck you.”

    [Fargo points directly at Storm.]

    “Fuck. You. You’re attitude towards this match has really pissed me off. I heard the shit you said. That this match was “no big deal”, you’d rather “focus on the tag team gold”. Fuck. You. You wanted to go party with drugs and alcohol with your little group of friends over the past few days like that’s any fucking kind of excuse for your performance tonight. You can say you had too much to focus on at one time and that’s why you lost which just another bullshit excuse. You can make all the excuses in the world to hide from the truth. Now, with the little brain power you have left, you might be wondering what the truth is. Let’s peep this out.”

    [Fargo gets to his feet, keeping his attention on Storm.]

    “The truth is, you aren’t the greatest thing walking around this company. In fact, you’re far from even being considered decent. That’s why you decided to focus more on the tag tourney isn’t it? Because you know that you are far from ready for an opportunity like this one.”

    [Fargo pauses to raise the belt above his head, garnering a mostly positive reaction.]

    “The truth is, you didn’t beat me because you’re better than me. You beat me because I acted like you, that’s to say completely fucking retarded, and got surprised by you. I’m man enough to admit my mistakes, and unlike you, I’m smart enough to learn from them.”

    “The truth is, I came here tonight ready for war. I came here to avenge my loss. I beat you. I avenged my loss. I should be happy. But thanks to your retarded attitude, and the state you were in when you walked out here. I'm pissed off. I wanted you to be at one-hundred percent. I wanted a war. Sure, I won. I destroyed you. I slapped a brain dead kid around for ten minutes. There is no joy in that. When you do muster enough self-confidence to step up to me again, I’ll be glad to put you in your place for good.”

    [Fargo shakes his head before continuing and pauses for a moment to calm himself and collect his thoughts. He then holds up a single finger.]

    “Now the biggest truth of all is simply this, The Bullad Club is the elite tier of talent in this company. Dragon, Jacobs, Rio, Myself. We took a company that was on it’s last legs, we took a company on the edge of extinction and we saved it and made it better than ever before. It wasn’t any of those sheep who flocked here after that other place died a pathetic death. It wasn’t you or any of your little friends. And it certainly wasn’t the IW3.”

    [Fargo turns to the entrance ramp, and looks to the back.]

    “Ivy Hale.”

    [The fans boo at the mention of the "Empress of Fear".]

    “I want you to step up. Unlike Tyson here, I’m sure you won’t disappoint. I wanna see if you can handle one of the elite four."

    [Fargo walks back to the centre of the ring and raises the belt above his head.]


    [Fargo drops the microphone and exits the ring to a mostly positive reaction as The Bullad Club’s theme plays him out.]

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  3. Steiner would be proud.
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  4. The truth is, I don't stand a chance. It's something that you're born into.
  5. Never talk to me or my Scott Fargo ever again.
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