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    The camera fades in from the Bullad Club logo to Nakayama standing in the same set in which he made is video debut for IWT.

    Nakayama: Evil. A weird thing to call a professional wrestler, yet I've been called it nontheless during my time in IWT among other things, as have my three friends in this company. Danny Jacobs, Scott Fargo and James Dragon. Yes, they are still my only friends in this company as like I said before, they seem to be the only ones whom understand.

    We're not "evil", far from it actually. We've been drilling into your minds that we're trying to fix this company and this is the truth, we are not liars like the heroes you allow yourself to believe in. Our words are true and no one is better showing that in our group than Scott Fargo, your IWT Universal Champion has taken IWT's newest trophy on his back and will carry it to heights you thought not possible for this wretched company, that as well is no lie.

    In fact, if I had to say, these so-called "heroes" or "good guys" are just as evil as we, one moment they love the fans and the next they turn their backs on them, wearing a false charade of a new character to hide the pain of their past failures or in some cases chosing to isolate themselves by taking a sabbatical and wallow in their self pity until they think they're ready to make something of themselves in this company, only to to be struck down once more, doomed to repeating the cycle for the rest of their careers.

    Adam is one of these charades, although unlike the others here, I doubt any of you ever had any love for this "competitor" or dared label him as a hero. He has swtiched gears so many times in his career that his engine has run out and he has come to my friend Scott Fargo in hopes that he can be fixed. Yet his pathetic engine has spluttered before he could even get near Fargo and it will be me who ends his misery.

    Let me ask you Adam, let me ask everyone who tries to re-invent themselves. Why? What does it matter if the new mask you're wearing only hides a husk of a man underneath? You know that you're weak though, just as all of us in the Bullad Club know our strength, it's why we stick together so who are you kidding exactly by abandoning your earlier principles to try and make a change? Was it the last loss that set you off? I doubt it, I lost my last match yet I still stand by every word I say, nothing has changed with me so why it'd change you?

    I'll tell you why. You're just one coin flip away from changing. One roll of the dice. You don't care do you? Like the weak people you are, you gave up trying to make you're way up the ranks on skill so you switched to luck, hoping that this new face you've glued on will get you more popular with the crowd but let me tell you, that won't work. It's passion and hard work and knowing the right cards to play which drives this sport, something that the Bullad Club embody, even if you're all too stupid to realize it.

    But you will realize it.

    When I rip this new persona off of Adam's face, you will realize it.

    When Danny Jacobs crushes Michael, you will realize it.

    When James Dragon makes mince out of Nick's face against the cage, you will realize it.

    When your IWT Universal Champion Scott Fargo sends Kaizer back to the grave of a pathetic legend which he shrouds himself with, you will realize it.

    Rio Nakayama smiles.

    Nakayama: That ladies and the truth.

    Fade to black.

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