The Ultimate Loser

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BruceHart, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. The Ultimate Warrior, who I will now and forever refer to as the Ultimate Loser, is the worst champion to reign in any company at any time. He was talent less and other than being a maniac he had nothing to bring to the table. He made no sense in his interviews and no one liked him, not even his own mother. David Arquette was a better champion than the Loser and Arquette was a disgrace to all man kind. It's a shame that the Loser was hand fed the title. He did nothing with the shot he was given and basically disgraced the title.

  2. I see your point here. He is a punk
  3. Ha yea okay have 3 bucks. I didn't even say he was a punk. Idiot

  4. Wow who are you dude? Who the heck is BruceHart? You're not tough
  5. New Jack should just shoot (on) ya'll.
  6. I don't even know who New jack is
  7. That's because you are an idiot.....Marty Jannetty Sucks
  8. Wow someone is getting tough, but do you even know what tough is. Marty is the greatest of all time and you suck. You go on a rant about the Ultimate Warrior and I agree with you, so you get mouthy with me. I will destroy you
  9. Interesting, Marty and Bruce, where are you guys from?

  10. You did not agree with me you idiot. Oh so you are going to destroy me now?
  11. Convincing.

  12. Sorry I am trying to deal with this loser. I'm from Cali.
  13. I love how two people with the same iP are arguing with each other. Just kiss and make up.
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  14. Quoting the fail. OP :lol1:
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  15. FGT.
  16. What is OP?
  17. I of course meant IP.

    Still. Hug it out.
  18. Marty, you still wanna fight me?