Storyline The Underappreciated

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  1. Dylan Gray is seen in the ring, wearing a navy blue suit with one hand in a pocket and another with a mic in it, he looks upset.

    "I ain't gonna lie to you, that loss last night destroyed me, it was a mugging, he was, dare I say, too good for me, I'll give him props, he's a great athlete, but if he wants to try it again, he has another thing coming, as I always say, there's always a backup plan, a plan B, my weapon of mass destruction that I've been holding off using for quite some time, and yes, it's the worse kept secret in IWT, but now I formally announce the formation of The Underappreciated"


    "What is The Underappreciated may you ask? It's the assembly of hand selected individuals all fighting for the same common goal, IWT domination, they are young and hungry and are willing to fight beside me for what they believe they deserve, a chance in the spotlight."

    "Introducing my first hand picked star to join me, he is one of IWT's hottest prospects, he ladies and gentlemen, is Ricky Daniels!"

    Ricky Daniels appears at the top of the ramp.

    "And my second hand picked competitor, is the returning Al Blizzard!"

    Al Blizzard appears on the ramp to a pop

    "We've contacted a few more future stars, including some big names, big names who believe in what we believe, we'll announce these over the coming days."

    "You know us, but you'll never... ever.... see us coming, and Corey, pick your poison, because we're not finished."

    Dylan stares the camera dead in the eye.

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