Storyline The UnderAppreciated

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  1. Smoke rises from under the stage, Johnny Thunder bursts out from the smoke and gets down on one knee, he points to the sky. As the smoke fades Johnny stands up and begins to walk down the ramp, he climbs up the steps and onto the top turnbuckle and points to the sky again, he climbs down and gets a mic before putting it up to his mouth.

    Johnny: Underappreciated, that's what I feel like, ever since I arrived here in IWT I feel like nobody respects me, like they think they are better than me, which they clearly are not. There's a difference between me and most men, most people would just ignore it and get on with their lives, but not me, I want to do something, I want to make my mark, make everyone realise that I'm better than everyone one of those guys that disrespected me.

    Johnny pauses for a moment, he continues.

    Johnny: So, they approached me, the ones who want to take action like myself. The Underappreciated have arrived in IWT and we mean business. We have the best talent on the roster, the hungriest guys on the roster and quite frankly the best guys on the roster. I've joined them and I have every intention of making this faction the best in professional wrestling history.

    Johnny raises his arm in some sort of salute before nodding and walking backstage, looking pleased with himself.
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  2. Fargo when The Underappreciated step to The Bullad Club:

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  3. MY FONT!!!
  4. These stupid children will pay.
  5. yeah he's buried it's prestige beyond repair, my sympathies lad
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    still a sexy font thoooooo
  8. I DID TOO.

    But you aren't burying it so I'll allow it.
  9. Dang it, now there are 3 holes I have to dig
  10. there's 4 of them though...Gray, Bottle Heads & now Thunder
  11. Fuck
  12. You ain't gotta worry, baby. The Bullad Club will take care of burying them for you.

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