Storyline The Underdog's Overstay As Champ

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  1. *In the midst of Bruce Knight celebrating his first IWT Title reign in the main event of IWTMania 2, a sudden howl of wolves resounds throughout the arena, followed up by some smoke arising from the floor. The crowd already commence marking out in anticipation knowing who it is, starting A-LI-AS! chants. Out of the smoke comes Alias, he runs straight to the ring with his X-Division title in hand. He glares at Bruce profoundly for a few seconds, before smirking slyly. The crowd doesn't know why Alias is out here, but they can be heard cheering anyway. Alias grabs a mic and begins to talk.*

    Pardon the interruption, "champ". But I'm afraid this show ain't over just yet. I'll give credit where it's due, you're the new IWT champ, but beating two has-beens isn't really a tough feat. Hell, I've beaten those two other has-beens in this main event in singles competition. I could have been in your position Bruce, man I SHOULD have been in your position. But now, "underdog", I am going to be in your position. Luck can get you as far as you wish to, that is, until you face Alias Antonio.

    And tonight, your luck runs out young boy, because the man who has been steamrolling through IWT competition has finally been granted what's been long overdue, that title match. So I hereby announce that I am relinquishing this X-Division title for a shot at that IWT Title..........and that match is happening.........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWW! IWT Mania........IS MY SHOW! Ring the damn bell.

    *Alias commences to laugh maniacally, awaiting for the bell to ring*
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  3. Christian who is sitting by the commentary booth starts laughing and marking out
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