The Undertaker On RAW Next Week?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Saylor, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. We don't know whether we can count The Undertaker out of WrestleMania yet, but that would mean a "Twice in a lifetime" match with John Cena and The Rock.
  2. Well, I've commented on this before. If Taker returns, great, we get Punk/Taker and I'd enjoy that. If he doesn't, great, I'm spared of Rock/Cena II because it'll be a Triple Threat. But now I'm pretty sure that if he doesn't show up he won't be at WM.
  3. In what way would it make any sense to have Undertaker cost Punk his match against Cena?

    If Taker faces Brock (as if there's any chance of that still happening...), then I could see the lights going out and the gong hitting when Brock comes out to attack a crippled Vince during his fight with Heyman. Otherwise, I'd say the earliest you'll see Taker is the Raw after next, or maybe even two weeks from now. Punk will rant and rave about losing to Cena and not main eventing Wrestlemania, only to be interrupted by Taker. Or Punk will simply make the challenge to Taker next week and then the week after that, Taker shows up and accepts.
  4. It does make sense. The Undertaker has a lot of respect and has earned it, whereas CM Punk hasn't. The Undertakers purpose is to teach the young boy a lesson.
  5. Costing him an important match is a pretty heelish thing to do. It also doesn't shed positive light on John Cena, winning by interference.

    I'd say holding onto the title for as long as he did (ignoring his last three title defenses, all involving interference) is worthy of respect. Even The Rock, who Punk had pinned cleanly for a ten count a week ago, put Punk over as a strong champion and as someone who deserved respect.
  6. CM Punk's heel gimmick is based upon demanding respect.
  7. Only about 5 threads on this already.
  8. Please don't return Taker. I really want to see the triple-threat.
  9. It's the only problem. I don't want to see a "Once in a Lifetime" gimmick'd match take place twice.
  10. True, but that has nothing to do with Taker costing him an important match that decides who gets to headline Wrestlemania with The Rock, especially if the interference occurs when Punk is about to score a clean victory... Clean being the key word there, because the only way I could envision an interference making sense is if the ref ends up knocked out and Punk is about to slam a chair into Cena's face, but then lights go out and when they come back on, Taker is the ring and delivers a choke slam on Punk, the logic being that he won't allow Punk to cheat his way into main eventing Wrestlemania. They then both struggle to their feet about the same time (Cena and Punk, that is) and Cena manages to defeat Punk. Punk blames it on Taker and their program is in full force.

    I guess that could work, now that I think about it.
  11. That still seems so lazy and pointless though.
  12. Yeah, you've explained it yourself. It can be built on many different scenario's to be honest.
  13. I don't know, with WM being Taker's yard him not wanting Punk to main event by winning dirty like that sounds like great stuff to me. I mean, not thaaat great but given the time we have and where Punk's character is it seems like the best way.
  14. Or! Taker costs cena the match..... Taker cena at wm
  15. The biggest problem with this happening is I can see Cena ending it....
  16. So can many other people and I just don't get why.
  17. Considering the way they like shoving Cena down our throats, I wouldn't doubt it. If the match took place (and it probably will at 30), I'd bet on Taker but I don't really doubt Cena winning.
  18. They seem adamant on Cena acquiring most accolades (MITB winner, multiple times RR winner, record holder of WWE title wins and other accolades, it seems the only thing left for him is the streak) I'm not going to bust out the old down the throat cliche as he hasn't been forced for quite a while now IMO. Interested to hear why you're confident he wouldn't end now tbh.
  19. Good points, but as Cena has gotten older, he has laid down more often. Just look at him last year, he laid down for Tensai.

    Furthermore, Cena seems like a decent guy and I highly doubt he'd even want the streak. Undertaker reportedly has complete control of his streak so it doesn't matter what WWE want for Cena in terms of accolades, and if Orton denied the streak then I am damn sure Cena would too considering Orton is a jackass lol.
  20. just an idea

    Because of the Vince vs Paul H match brock might come out then vince might introduce undertaker or brock goes to hit vince the lights go off then BONG