Storyline The Unknow(n) Show

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  1. *As the Chairman of IWT's theme hits, Jonathan appears on the Titantron. It appears to be a handheld camera,
    as the camera is shaking violently as he begins to speak...*

    Unknown... UNKNOWN! I know you can hear me you little bitch. Who the hell do you think you are, not turning up
    for our match at IWT Mania II, humiliating not only yourself but me as well. I promised you the ass whopping
    of a lifetime and you let me down... You don't let me down... for that... you will pay.

    *The camera shakes so violently it's hard to depict the character on screen. The heavy breathing
    reminds you exactly who is there*

    I don't want to know why you didn't turn up, but what I DO KNOW is what's currently running down
    your leg, your own piss. And you better piss yourself real hard and real good, because if you don't
    I'll beat the piss out of you the next time I see you. You shall regret the day you decide to cross me, Unknown.

    *Jonathan drops the camera, *thud*, as the screen fades to black*
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  2. The arena lights start to flash, the screen shows static

    Jonathan starts to flip out, starts shouting for Unknown to show his face, Jonathan arms himself he grabs a chair

    Static clears from the titantron, Unknown appears on the tron, his mask starts to flash showing small glimpses at a scarred face behind it

    Unknown: You have transformed me. Not into what a once was, something completely different, a new monster is unleashed.

    All lights go out, they turn back on 10 seconds later to show Unknown standing behind Jonathan in a leather jacket, jeans and a modified version on his mask, Jonathan turns around and is hit with forearms, Jonathan backed up onto the ropes, irish whip, Unknown hits a big dropkick, Jonathan drops and rolls out of the ring, Unknown tries to grab him but is unsuccessful, Jonathan rolls onto the ramp, Unknown taunts him as the crowd cheer​
  3. wat
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  4. Jono wasn't even in the ring lmfao.
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  5. Are you hallucinating? He was backstage on titantron. lol
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  6. No, he told me to attack him in the ring. Fuck sake Jono.
  7. Did I?
  8. Ah, yes, that was for ER..
  9. You said I was to fuckin attack you in the ring to build the match damn it.
  10. Again, at ER.
  11. [​IMG] Loving the backstage argument on the botch
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  12. @Testify 's shit right there.

    At least get the shit in line please! Great angle, glad you both accepted the ER deal.
  13. Screw you guys

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