Storyline "The Users."

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    Aiden Ryan appears on the screen as as the static turns into buildings demolishing slowly.
    Wearing a bandanaa around his forehead, acid jeans ripped from the bottom he walks down the ramp in a broken manner.

    Making his way to steel steps he marches up them slowly and scales the ropes with his hands.
    Looking around he shakes his head at the audience who seem silent.
    He lifts his leg up and slowly enters the ring via the middle rope and awaits a microphone to be given to him.


    "The silence in this arena is the exact silence I hear backstage, you see I've always been the one that has been concerned about what those who think about me actually think about me. I've witnessed fights upon fights about equality in this freakshow that we call entertainment, and I've come to the clear bold conclusion that this is nothing more then a dog eat dog world. A world to which you either pair with someone from the first generation... or fall into the stereotype of a "Jobber".
    But we didn't create that world, no... the ones who choose to not step up their game made that world. to which has now become the downfall of the X Division."

    Aiden walks over to the corner of the ring and sets himself up on the top rope. crossing his leg he looks up at the rampway and sighs.

    "You see, We all try to climb the ladder of success but the difference isn't who climbs up there successfully, the difference is who tries to jump ahead of those who respectfully deserve to be topdog in the division. I for one have worked my way from the bottom and made my name well known in this division while others pair with those from higher divisions and try to mark their mark only to be stabbed in the back."

    "Tsk Tsk.. Naive fools will never learn which is why I am here to put each and everyone of those pathetic excuses of wrestlers out of their misery. You see with each X Division talent that tries to skip ahead awaits their karma. They seem to forget that nothing lasts forever and yet they cling to what they have until it's gone and wonder why they are knocked back down into this division with nothing, Because you are all truly worthless and I for one will not tolerate being skipped ahead of. "

    "This kid is truly delusional."

    "Try and skip ahead of me and see what happens. "
    Aiden drops the microphone and lowers himself off the top rope.

    Aiden Music Blastas the camera switches to the commentators, Michael Cole, Renee Young, And William Regal who are then debating on what Aiden Ryan is refereeing to.

    "I have no idea what this kid is talking about."
    "He's talking about the users in the X Divison, the ones who will cling to a legend and use their name and their glory to gain their own. Aiden Ryan knows exactly what he is talking about and clearly is not going to stand by and be walked on anymore."
    "But isn't Aiden in the order of the night? one of the biggest stables in IWT history?"
    "Yes, Renee. But when have we seen Aiden since his in ring return talk about The Order? Infact at Money In The Bank Him And The X Division Champion Nick collided on many issues."
    "But is it confirmed that he is also one of the users?"
    "Aiden Ryan has this talent of contradicting himself, but he also has the talent of manipulating those into believing everything he says is true."
    "Are you calling him a liar, Regal?"
    "I'm calling him smart."
    "So what is going through the head of Aiden Ryan?"
    "I guess we'll find out shortly."
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