The Venting Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Wilby, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Hello again Forum friends,

    I decided to create a thread purely for venting about anything shit that has happened to you during the day or anything that has pissed you off outside of the forum in your everyday lives, want people to understand your everyday pains? Why not let it all out.

    I guess the idea is to vent your frustrations here so that you do not take out any bad mood you may be experiencing on other forum users :happy: < love this too much.

    I guess I may as well start! So something that irritated me today: So I am walking towards University and trying to cross the road to get there, the weather in Plymouth is atrocious! It's bloody freezing and raining and I'm getting soaked to shit. What irritates me? Those bastard drivers sat in their nice warm cars refusing to slow down and let you cross the road! Selfish smegheads. That is all.
  2. So Im at work doing my usuall things and we get a call that a job needs to be picked up. Well since im the delivery driver I leave to go grab this raidator, I only have a certain amount of time to get there befor they close and what happens? All these little college fuckers keep trying to cross the road when the sign clearly says dont walk. So I just hit the gas and cruised right past em all.
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  3. @Emperor Lelouch Britannia 's thread in the Legend section made me lol

    Not really venting by me but I guess he kind of vented.
  4. Touché sir, touché.
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  5. I was all excited about making a nice hot pocket today, but I saw that my microwave wasn't working. So spent 30 minutes warming a hot pocket in the toaster oven. Not a huge problem but I was kind of ticked off.
  6. They do taste better tho outta the oven.
  7. I find them equal tbh
  8. Ok new vent... So I wanted to see if a hot pocket was better from the oven or the same as from the microwave. Problem is I go to put one in each the oven and microwave and only got one damn hot pocket left!
  9. Isn't there 2 for a package?
  10. Yea but took one to work the other day
  11. Why do all the white people drink all the Goddamn juice at Walmart!
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  12. Oh, okay.
  13. This thread is easy venting over sheer stupidity.
  14. I bet you started your day with vitamin C. Know what I started it out with? NOTHING :angry:
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  15. It's now the Hot Pocket thread! :emoji_slight_smile:


    HMMMMMMM hot pockets
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  16. It's 7:40. Don't people usually complain about an incomplete breakfast around noon?
  17. Dont forget my juice!
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  18. Why do you want our juice anyways? Dont you usually get like grape"drink"?
  19. Oh :mad1: hell :mad1: no :angry:
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  20. Just going by my school learnings