Storyline The Very Best.

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    We open on the skyline of Minneapolis at night. We pull back to see a well built bald man wearing a tight grey shirt with his back to the camera. After looking over the city, with a satisfied sigh, the man turns revealing himself to be one of IWT's newest signing, Scott Fargo. Fargo focuses on the camera with an intense stare.

    For ten long years, I have wrestled across the world from dingy halls to dingy hall, sacrificing my body and my life. Sacrificing everything for nothing. At the end of they day, people still didn't acknowledge me or respect me even though I could rattle on for days about the belts I have won and the legends I have defeated. Despite proving time and time again that I deserve respect, no one would, no one would even care.

    Fargo pauses to disappointingly shake his head, before returning to his natural demeanour.

    FARGO: But all that is about to change. Y'see, The IWT isn't just another promotion where I show up for the quick buck, IWT is the opportunity I have been longing for. It is my chance to show the world what I am capable of and give them a name that they will remember for a lifetime. It is my shot to go down in the history books as what I have been since day one. And that my friends, is the very best. I have been fighting everyday for ten years to get to the top and now that I have arrived, I am so close that I can taste it. I have come too far to fail. I will reach the top or I will die trying.

    Fargo with a smrik, paces back and forth in shot of the camera.

    FARGO: I wanna get to the top so people have to call me the best. I wanna be at the top so people have to respect me. I don't care if people love me, or hate my guts. As long as the people respect me, as long as I am on top, and as long as they all know that I am the absolute best wrestler in the world, I don't care.

    Fargo continues pacing, but now taking on a more serious tone.

    FARGO: Now, before I go. I'm going to issue a challenge to Baron Moreau.

    Fargo stops and focuses back on the camera.

    FARGO: Once IWTMania IV is over, I challenge you to match. And here is why. Because you're the perfect first IWT oppponent for me, Mister Moreau. You're a big man, who has some big claims. "Next IWT Champion", "Everyone should fear me", "I guarantee in my first match my opponent will not be able to leave the ring under his own will". Well, I want to see if you can back up what you say. And if you can't back it and up and I beat you? Well, it's just another way to prove that...

    Fargo smirks.

    FARGO: I'm the very best.

    Fargo continues his somewhat cocky smirking and sneaks in a subtle "Too Sweet" gesture before we completely fade to black.

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