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  1. A Video package takes control over all the monitors in the area for IWTMania

    Spawn is sat atop of a throne built up from the bodies of those he has already defeated. His large frame slouched over as his body is draped in a dark robe.


    Spawn - "It seems as though a resurgence of life is begin to pulse through IWT like a desperate heart trying to commit to its purpose and withstand the pressure and presence of death. I sit and I watch. As I have watched for millennia, and I see fresh new faces stroll through the door. I see old faces return. I see hope begin to shine for IWT.

    The blackout shelters are being ripped from the wall, the light is swarming back in, bringing joy and pleasure with it. I see people finally looking happy again. I see the delight at the warm suns return. But there is no one more delighted by this light than me. You know I sought fit that I would destroy IWT and everyone in it, so it likely boggles your febale, mortal minds as to why I also enjoy this moment.

    But you wouldn't get it. You are all too busy worrying about saving your spots, getting your matches and winning your titles. You fools are the worst of the lemmings. You ignore the world around you and instead wish to live in your own world of wrestling. If you were the least bit omnipotent then you would cower in fear as to the smell in the horizon.

    See your weak, flesh bodies are not capable of walking through the flames of hell like mine are. If you were strong enough I would bring you here and show you what I am talking about. The air down here is thin. The souls of the damned are unusually quiet as the heat from the flame has showed them.

    I tried to warn you all. I told you that I would save you from your own hell that you sought to create. I tried to explain how me taking your life was me saving your souls. But of course the human race is so weak minded you would have never bothered to listen.

    Now you will see what I see from atop my throne of a thousand corpses! Now you will smell the stench of wreaking flesh and famine! Now you will see the plague of my destruction! You thought you were safe in numbers so your ripped off your shades and let the harrowed light sink your souls. You thought the light would beat my darkness didn't you?

    Well I have sinister news IWT. I cannot be beaten. I have laid rest to armies. To nations. You are nothing compared to the men I have devoured. Now the light shines in on you, I can see you all clear as day. You have lit up the targets on your back and have unleashed my true might.


    At IWTMania you are going to become my scurge as I rip the mortal soul out of your body and rip it open on live TV. The former IWT champ will have no time to be mourned, as you will simply be the first. Once you are out of my way and my message is clear, I will no longer make examples and give warnings.

    After IWTMania, the world will not remember it is a the Apocalypse. They will know it as the fall of man."

    Spawn begins to laugh as the camera feed dies.

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