Storyline The View Is Good From The Top.

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  1. We open on a shot of the Grand Canyon. The camera pans across and stops on Scott Fargo. Fargo wearing a black and gold Bullad Club shirt is stood with his back to the camera.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, The view...

    Fargo turns around with a smirk.

    is good from the top."

    Fargo's smirk fades, and his demeanor changes into a more serious one. We can hear the irritation in his voice as he speaks.

    "But there are a few things that have been bothering me. The fans, the other wrestlers and IWT itself have been really grinding my gears as of late. Ever since the announcement of Chris Kaizer's big return it's all the fans wanna talk about, it's all the podcasters wanna interview me about. Ever since the end of Uprising, the others in the back wanna question if I deserve the Universal Championship or not."

    Fargo pauses for a moment and disapprovingly shakes his head before continuing.

    "The older names in the back like Adam, Jwab, Kaizer and Forte wanna act like the fact that I shot to the top quicker than they ever could doesn't make their blood boil. And the people in charge of IWT are the biggest fools of all. James Dragon deserves to be in the match with Forte for the Intercontinental Championship much more than that loser Bishop. The Big Guy Danny Jacobs should be facing Aids for the World Championship, and while I respect Luis Ovaldinho for making a complete JOKE of that idiot Jwab, Danny Jacobs deserves that shot much more."

    Fargo takes a second to calm himself down.

    "Now Kaizer, I want you to listen up."

    Fargo turns back around and continues talking.

    "I can feel the heat, my friend. I'm fine with the heat. I can take it. In my very first appearance in the IWT three months ago I made a promise to myself that in a years time I would be on top of the IWT. I would be on the posters for the shows. I'd be in the main events. I'd be the guy the people pay to see. I'd be a champion. But, here I am, three months later, standing here accomplishing everything I said I would. I'm on the poster for SummerSlam. I'm the main event of SummerSlam. I am who the people pay to see. I am a champion."

    Fargo turns back around.

    "I can take anything the "legendary" Chris Kaizer can throw my way. I'm confident walking into SummerSlam against you because it is clear from your little bit in the ring last week that you have no clue what you are up against. You look right through me and you can only see the 12 pounds of gold that is around my waist. You underestimate me, Kaizer. A grave mistake. But not the biggest one you made. No the biggest mistake you made about me was that you think that being a champion was a dream of mine when in reality, it never was, it never had to be a dream. I didn't accomplish a childhood dream when I became a champion, I just did something I always knew I would do. I became something I always knew I would become. A Champion."

    Fargo smiles as the camera fades to black.

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