The voice of the voiceless

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  1. *Static is heard throughout the IWT arena and CM Punk's titantron/theme air*

    *Punk storms out of the curtain with a mic in hand, he's wearing a gray Gracie MMA hoodie. Punk makes his way into the ring and sits criss cross in the smack center*
    CM Punk: Turn the music off because I have something to say, and I'm positive that everybody here wants to hear it, and everybody sitting at home has their DVRs fired up because they wanna hear it!

    *The music is cut*

    CM Punk: The truth about the IWT is that it doesn't matter that if you're the best wrestler, it doesn't matter if you're the best talker, and it doesn't matter if you're the best overall performer. There is a glass ceiling and nobody is allowed to break it. That's the simple story of this place. The more popular you are, the more money you make. The more you people cheer for any given superstar, the more opportunities you're afforded.

    CM Punk: I think it's time for a change in the IWT, it's time for the hard workers to stand up and take what is rightfully their's. My name is CM Punk and I am...The Voice of The Voiceless! Heed these words because it's only a matter of time before we take what is ours!

    *Punk's theme starts to play again as Punk gets to his feet, he drops his mic and riles up the crowd*
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  2. Wait, what about Andrew and the Desperadoes? They over?
  3. Everything is the same, this is just a new character I'm fucking around with.
  4. Ah, i thought you trashed the character.
  5. Wtf is this? Lol........
  6. "Sources have confirmed CM Punk has left the IWT. He told Jonathan he was simply 'going home'. IWT has removed CM Punk from all advertising for future house shows"
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  7. [​IMG]
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