Storyline The War That Rages On.

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  1. The screen shows Dylan Gray sitting backstage in a dark room, probably the boiler room.

    "I've only been here a couple of months, but a lot has already happened, I haven't changed anything an awful lot, but that comes later, my time comes later, as I said many times, I am the future of IWT. Whether the opportunity is gifted to me, or I have t scratch and claw to get up the ladder, I will take it, conquer it, it'll be MY time, the time that it should be, the time that i've been working for my entire life."

    "It was so, so good, I beat that washed up shit called Eric Draven, but what happens next? He screws me at IWTmania, and what happens after that? I lose to Reagan Cole, I went mad, I thought that turning to the light would do be good, but then you people happened, you people had to stand in my way, not accept me, not want me, well I don't need you."

    Gray looks down at his hands.

    "There's a war that rages on in my mind, but it's a war with no purpose, a war that doesn't need to be, it's driving me crazy, I need that leverage to get back on track, and how am I going to do that? Not with you ignorant sheep that follow to whoever preaches to you, not any one of those wannabes backstage, not Michael, nobody."

    "And if I have to die getting to the top of the mountain, boy you know I will."

    Screen goes static.
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