"The Watcher" Of Westfield, New Jersey

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  1. This has been on the news for the past week or so and I thought it was interesting enough to bring up. Some family in New Jersey buys their dream home for 1.3 million, and immediately find themselves being harassed by some anonymous psycho calling himself "The Watcher", who keeps sending them weird, eerie letters saying that his progenitors (namely his father and grandfather) have 'watched' the house since the 1920's and now it's his turn.

    Thoughts? I wonder if it's actually some nut, or if it's just a troll fucking with people (possibly jealous of someone owning and moving into a house that they would love to have but can't afford?) Another explanation is that someone with a decent amount of ingenuity is simply trying to drive the family out and also trying to drive the price of the home down as well so that they can buy and own the property for themselves.
  2. Obviously just Chris Christie so he can move into the house after he fails his run for President.
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  3. Well, this is pretty fucked up.
  4. Update (THE PLOT THICKENS):