Storyline The Weapon That Ended Many....

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  1. Dylan Gray walks out to the ring to "Fade Away" by Breaking Benjamin, he has a mysterios looking box with him.

    "Reagan Cole, oh Reagan Cole you fool, you really don't know what you've gotten yourself into, i've spent my entire life wrestling hardcore matches, tearing up the backyard wrestling scene, breaking my back, dislocating my shoulder five, six times."

    "No holds barred is my legacy, why people know me, why I was so succesful at what I did back then, but now i'm in the big leagues, and i'm here to prove why it will be no different in IWT, and Cole, you'll wish you never accepted my challenge, I lured you in, I will dismember you, destroy you, leave you flat on your back, blood coming out of your head, and paramedics attending to your body."

    Gray looks down at the little brown box and picks it up, opening it, showinf the same brass knuckles that beat Eric Draven at IWT Pride In Victory.

    "These brass knuckles, these brass kuckles.... they ended Eric Draven at Pride In Victory, these same brass knuckles ended many in the backyard scene, these brass knuckles are my legacy, my pride, why i'm here today, why i'm going to beat you."

    Gray takes the brass knuckles out of the box, and puts them on his right hand.

    "Cole, this is the end of you, the end of Reagan Cole's legacy, the end of your career, and the end of your life as you know it...."

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  3. This is what I just made a thread about - there is no reason it cannot be a continued promo from yesterday. If there is a major difference PM each other and give it a little time, but I see no reason for it.

    Going to keep it since the new shit just happened. Go read the thread and why you shouldn't be putting a thread to the 2nd page for your 2nd thread in 26 hours. Come on team.
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