The Wedding of Dat Kid & Victoria Parker

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  1. *Dat Kid walks out dressed in a tuxedo, still wearing his tag title around his waist*

    Announcer1: Well it seems like the first ever IWT wedding is about to take place here tonight as Dat Kid is makes his way to the ring.
    Announcer 2: Who the hell has a damn wedding in a wrestling ring in front of these drunken idiots. This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen in the IWT. Wake me up when it's over.

    Now, I wanted to make this wedding very special, so I had to get the right person to be the reverend for tonight. I made a call to an old friend of mine and he said he would be honored to do it. So, without further ado, the reverend for tonight...

    Announcer 2: What the hell is the burrito eating bullshit music?

    *El Nino de Mexico runs out for a massive pop*

    Announcer 1: It's El Nino, he's come to IWT!
    Announcer 2: I'm done, i'm just done...can we just get this over with so I can go home and drink so much that I forget that I had to bare witness to this crap.

    *El Nino gets in the ring and stands behind the podium*
    Crowd: We want tacos! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    *Dat Kid waits for Victoria to make her entrance*
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  2. The lights dim, and a giant blast of pyro hits, following a huge crowd of mixed cheers and jeers, as Aids Johnson walks out, holding a title in each hand. He has a mic, and doesnt bother waiting for the music to end before starting.

    Dat from Jersey Kid, *turns to the titantron* shut my fucking music off, now. The first wedding of the IWT, and no better set of men to break the gender barrier here. Dat kid is the least masculine contender here, and Victoria Parker is just cm's away from being banned from the Diva's division. *crowd jeers*

    What am i doing here? I came to witness, and you need people like me to make this "ceremony" worth witnessing, and without me, who will even care about this in just a few week's time? I am AIDS JOHNSON, YOUR IWT CHAMPION, The million dollar man, the only right, in a community filled with too many wrong's. Senhor perfect was going to be a bridesmaid, but he is doing what he does best in our IWT, and that is no-showing with a pathetic excuse. Most likely he is just spending more time with Chris Hansen before I finally put him out of his mysery at ER. Without me, this is just another event. I am here to help you, From. I am here to give you a reason to be remembered. *walks down to the ringside area, putting a chair up around a crowd of fans wearing Farooq and Britanica shirt's.

    You're so very welcome. Go ahead, you have my permission to continue.
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  3. *Dat Kid is about to go out of the ring and head towards Aids, but El Nino grabs him by the shoulder and nods no. Kid gets back in his spot and waits for Victoria with his eye glancing back at Aids*
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    *Christian comes out on the stage
    Christian: Hit the music!

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  5. Announcer1: Well here comes our bride now!

    *Victoria emerges in a beautiful white dress holding a bouquet of flowers. She makes her way down to the ring, smiling at Dat Kid the whole way down the aisle*

    Announcer2: Victoria certainly makes a beautiful bride.
  6. *Senhor watches on a monitor in the back, thinking to himself, "IVe got a bad feeling about this....."
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  7. *Kid smiles at Victoria as she makes her way into the ring and El Nino nods*
    El Nino: Dear friends, family, and IWT fans, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Dat Kid From Jersey and Victoria Parker in marriage. In the years- i mean weeks they have been together as tag team champions, they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife. Love, I remember when I fell in love for the first time. It was the first time I saw a taco. Of course I could not make love to this taco, so I devoted my life to the taco. In this situation I would expect Dat Kid will do the same for you Victoria. You see because in tacola-.

    Dat Kid: Yeah thanks El Nino, I'm going to exchange vows now. Victoria when we first met it wasn't the best meeting. I was very crude to you on that day and when you showed me that you were a strong woman by whupping my ass in this very ring we stand in today, I knew you were the one. We shared so special moments in this ring together, like when you gave me a spinning back kick to the face, it warms my heart just thinking about it. Anyway I just want to say that I promise to be the best guy I can be and not make you look bad by losing so many matches.
  8. *Smiles and laughs a little at Dat Kid's vows*

    Victoria: You've certainly been a surprise but a very pleasant surprise. We had a questionable meeting at the beginning, but the way you stepped in for me during the tag team match really opened my eyes to who you truly are. I appreciate that you respect me as a wrestler and as a strong woman. I've recognized how resilient and driven you are to be the very best. I respect and adore those qualities that you have. I'm excited to see where life takes us moving forward. I think we'll continue to take the IWT by storm and be the best duo this company has ever seen.
  9. *El Nino wipes a tear from his mask and takes a moment to get his composure*
    El Nino: Wow, that was beautiful. Now if anyone has a reason why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your taco.
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  10. *Rain watches from the crowd, uneasy about what could happen*
  11. *the titantron and crowd can move over to Christian and Aids, making what appears to be crude comments in the direction of Airbourne. Aids stands up out of his chair, and moves directly in front of Airbourne, if only to hold up his IWT in front of the man, blocking his vision momentarily.
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  12. *Rain stands up, and starts to speak over the music*

    You just love to hold up that title don't ya? Why don't you wait until another person holds up that title, the referee at the start of your next title defense, showing the world what will no longer be yours.
  13. Christian: Yo! Guys! There is a wedding going on, you can settle your crap later. What I don't understand El Nino is that you're asking if anyone has problems with this wedding. Don't you? Let's be honest, you were taken in by Parker's beauty and strength and the fact, that you couldn't grab the brass ring in FNW, make's you irritated. Admit it. You don't want this wedding to happen.
  14. El Nino: Shut the hell up Brian Messia- *composes self* If there are no objections I'll be moving on now...
  15. Rain: Yeah, you do that.....

    *Sits down glaring at Aids*
  16. Homo...
  17. *Rain flips Christian off*
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    *New theme/titantron hits*

    *Rodrigo comes out with Orden for a mixed reaction,Rodrigo has his hood on and a mic in his right hand*
    *They start walking slowly towards the ring*

    Please stop this Shit.Stop it.
    I'm here because I feel like this is the only way I can open Victoria's eyes again. Is this want you want Victoria? Seriously? A guy who has the worst win/loss ratio? It's because he has helped you to become the most successful women in the history of this company? Or is just because "you love him"? Lets stop the bullshit Victoria I know how your are and I know how you think. You are like me in more than one way. After every action, there's a reason. You examine every single option before choosing one. You are a survivor,and the only thing that can kill you is not being succesfull .Being another girl in the roster. That's why you are about to marry him, you think he will give you the fame and support you need, and that isn't true, he's a loser, He did nothing at OUR match at WM,he has lost his US title he has nothing left , except a title that he doesn't deserve and you. He's not helping you vic you know there's only one guy in this company that understands you, there's only one guy who is just like you , you know that there's a guy in this company who would sell his family for a title shot , just like you. I know you can't stand all this B A Star bullshit . You can't stand kids! We both think they are lame let the asskisers do there job and let's focus on what really matters. The gold, the thing we think about when we go to bed at night , and the first time we think about when we wake up.
    You both together for a lifetime ? Victoria, you know, deep inside that kid is a transactional guy. You don't want this wedding. Deep inside, you know that the key of your success was me. From the beginning till the end . That bastard is just a doll holding a title. You want fame. Come with me .
    Kid you are nothing. You are a lame jobber who thought that being a superstar could fill your empty life. You have two things that doesn't belong to you and I'm gonna get those things back. No matter if its now or later. You are like a cancer, everything you touch it becomes shit. And I'm stopping this before she becomes another victim of your nonsense life. That's why I'm stopping this. Right now
    *Steps into the ring slowly and stands like a meter away from both*
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  19. *Dat Kid's smile quickly turns sour and he immediately throws down his jacket*

    What the hell is wrong with you and your obsession with me?! Every time something good is happening to me you just got to come out and fucking ruin it! I'm tired of this shit Rodrigo. I have no idea why you're even out here. You beat me already, you're the god damn United States Champion and that just isn't enough for you is it. You just got to come here and take everything that belongs to me right. Well not this time Rodrigo, I'm tired of you getting in my way. Fuck Extreme Rules, you want to come out here and act like a big shot, why don't you fight me right here, right now. You even brought your tag partner with you, so Victoria if you don't mind postponing the wedding, I say we kick their asses right now. Right babe?
  20. *Smiles for an instant*