Storyline The world saw a new man.

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    *The Dazzler comes out from backstage to a huge pop from the crowd. He looks around, almost hopeless, and begins to walk down the ramp. He grabs a mic from ringside, rolls in the ring, and begins to speak.*

    Dazzler: Usually I would come out here and say "finally The Dazzler has come back", but there's no reason for any of that right now. For the first time since the Survivor Series PPV started, I am standing among all of you with no championship belt around my waist or slung over my shoulder. Last night at IWT Mania, The Dazzling Chavs lost their tag team championships to The Order.

    *Crowd boos.*

    Dazzler: Trust me, it hurt me too. Just the thought of losing to those two twisted monsters is eating my insides up. We gave them all we had, but we couldn't get the job done. They brought out a whole different side of me that I've never seen from myself, and when I snapped back into normality, I had no idea where I was. I said things that I've never even thought about once in my life. They brought out a part of me that has been untapped for who knows how long. There's just one little thing.

    *The Dazzler stops talking and looks disgusted.*

    Dazzler: I..........I......I enjoyed what I felt during every single word. The message I screamed out. The months of pain that I was able to let out. The stress I was able to relieve. It all felt really good, and it's killing me inside. This isn't me, this isn't what The Dazzler is about, but for the life of me...........I can't seem to find The Dazzler in me. The old part of me was completely washed out of my brain, and I can't stand it. I know it's there, gasping for air, but it's trapped in an unsearchable pit of darkness. The Order did things to my mind that I will never forget. They showed what power their words can have, and like a fool, I fell right into the palm of their hands. It won't happen. There's no stopping this different side of me, so I won't try too. From here on out, I'll find the half and half between the dark and light in me. Only then will Gav and The Dazzler be able to whip The Order's collective asses, which we WILL DO!

    *Crowd pops.*

    Dazzler: IWT, The Dazzler wants you to be prepared. Be prepared for a new man. The world is witnessing a changed man be made right in front of your very eyes. Those tag team titles are coming back to The Dazzling Chavs, and you can take that to the damn bank! Don't smell what The Dazzler is cooking. The only sense you will need to use is your sight, for when you witness The Dazzler take back what belongs to his team! The Order made me give in, but never again! NEVER, EVER AGAIN! I don't care if I have to travel to the depths of hell to get those titles back, they will be back around Gav and The Dazzler's waist, and that is damn promise!

    *The Dazzler drops the mic and heads to the back.*
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