The World Tag Team Champions elect have a service announcement

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  1. Since Dat Kid is missing in action, possibly somewhere in Jersey leaving the :damn:sel CrayJLee stranded without a partner everyone's favorite team of Shabang and The Dravester will be holding interview to fill this void. How could people possibly leave this poor woman :alone: do your good deed and help her shed the weight of those tag team titles.

    Crayj there is no need to thank us, just worship us at the door.

    *No Mexican's named after Taco's allowed.
  2. I promise after said match we will have cake and watch movies. Everyone is invited (even Gohan).
  3. :pity:

    Oh honey, you thought I was a damsel in distress? You must have been on hiatus from the IWT for a very, very long time. You see, before teaming up with Dat Kid, I practically carried Rodrigo to become the #1 contenders for the tag team championship at Wrestlemania. From there, Rodrigo was disqualified, and I still managed to defeat the current tag team champions to become the new tag team champion.

    Oh, and didn't you hear? The reason why Dat Kid is "missing in action" is because I put him down. Our wedding was the highlight of the year and the best moment in IWT history. I delivered a spinning heel kick straight to his skull and knocked him unconscious in the center of the ring. I manipulated him and turned on him at his most vulnerable moment. He wronged me from the moment I stepped foot in the IWT and I just returned the favor. It was a really beautiful should have been there.

    There's a reason why I can wrestle with the men and stand victorious over my opponents. All of you wish you had an ounce of my intelligence and athleticism. Therefore, it's abundantly clear that I don't need help from anyone. I already picked my new tag team partner and it's Danielson

  4. I feel bad for anyone that wants a match. I will not be half assing it. I will make someone quit IWT
  5. You're facing Seabs and Stopspot, if you win they will disappear. You might be able to claim two careers :pity:
  6. They are in the IWT?
  7. *hands Danielson the other tag team belt

    I'm looking forward to our partnership. The IWT is certainly ours for the taking.
  8. I was the first tag team champion in IWT. It will be my pleasure to beat the bricks off of these fools. I'm going to be a huge dick to whoever we promo against. Good luck dw33bs
  9. Honey? Wow it's all moving so fast.

    Dweeb? I don't think you can mock anyone using language like that mister by the way congratulations on ripping your entire persona from Bryan Danielson, theme and all.
  10. Congradulations, that wasn't my theme. If you stuck around long enough you would have known that DWEEB. I have never once quoted anything Bryan Danielson has said on here either, DWEEB.
  11. Such a massive ripoff now trying to hide it, does your back have made in China embossed on it? :pity2:
  12. Dweeb, dweeb, dweeb. One track mind on this one it seems.
  13. No, but I can see that your face has "I'm a d-bag" written all over it. :obama: :woo1:
  14. I can switch it up if you'd like, Goober
  15. You're just a down right road scholar.
    How precious.
  16. Where's the big fat part gone lol? OC - I don't mind it lol, this shit is for the lulz anyway.

    Anyway congratulations you managed to go three seconds without calling someone a dweeb, who knows maybe you'll be able to form a whole days worth of posts without it soon
  17. Big fat D-Bag, happy?

  18. You're just monkey piss

    How gross :eww:
  19. Incredibly the master of originality strikes again, he's got everything after everyone else. His catchphrase, his theme music and even his partner.
  20. Well, I didn't notice that part. That is a little funny.

    Just out of curiosity though, what is your gimmick supposed to be? A condecending, no talent, and promo once every other month type gimmick?