Storyline The World Wide Open

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  1. After her debut match against Reagan Cole, we can see Ivy Hale has returned to her, supposed, locker room area. She has changed out of her ring gear and has returned to her usual attire of a black dress and is sitting on the floor, seemingly in a meditative state. She has her legs crossed and eyes closed as candles are lit all around her. She looks to be unusually calm and seem perfectly at peace. She smiles with her eyes closed and seems satisfied with her job tonight.

    Just as all seems tranquil, something seems to bother her. Her face twitches and soon she puts her hand on her head and it looks like she feels the room is spinning. She collapses to the floor and she is curled up as voices are heard.

    “Why are you hurting me?”
    The voice sounds like a little girl. “I’m not doing anything wrong!... What do you mean God doesn’t love me?... Isn’t he supposed to be forgiving?...”

    The voice changes to a loud scream as discomfort is seen on Hale’s face. Her voice speaks out softly...

    “I guess I never will be accepted by God…”

    “Miss Hale?!” A familiar voice echoes through the room and sure enough, it is the same interviewer from a few weeks ago. He cautiously walks into the room and Ivy Hale comes back to her senses and gets up, clearly not amused. Fuming, she walks up to the interviewer and talks….

    “Why did you disturb me?! You better have a good reason!”

    He gives a giant gulp. I guess he picked the worst time to come in. But, he has a job to do and mutters a response.

    "Miss Hale...would you care for an interview after your debut victory against Reagan Cole?"

    Surprisingly, she doesn't take her frustrations out and instead she composes herself and acts kind to him and says in a calm voice.
    "Of course, feel free to ask me any question you like.”

    Taking a deep breath, the interviewer continues as Ivy walks over to her mirror stand and sits down to put lipstick on.

    "Well tonight you faced against Reagan Cole in what became a very personal match and, in what was Reagan Cole's final match with IWT, you were victorious. What does this first victory mean to you?"

    Chuckling. "Every beginning has an end, and every end, a beginning. So it was so fitting that Reagan Cole's end was my beginning in IWT. And it was the culmination of a month's work of trying and trying to show Reagan Cole and all these people that they are weak and that everything they have chased for and dreamed to be was nothing but a lie. People thought I was crazy...we'll that's true, but they didn't believe what I said. And to think, poor Reagan was so desperate to convince me otherwise that he tried to make excuses and put the blame on others for his short-comings on his way out. I knew he was on the edge of madness the whole time. Him and his "Cole-Way" couldn’t stop it and I was the one to push him over. Now his final lasting moment in IWT is him becoming the first victim of Ivy Hale, the first to fall into Ivy's nightmare and..."

    She puts her lipstick down on the table in front of her and grabs a piece of paper off the table. Holding it up to her face, she kisses it, leaving an imprint of her red lips on it. She wedges it in the corner of the mirror and we see it is a picture of Reagan Cole.

    "The first of many who I will make certain will suffer the same fate." While looking at the interviewer and smiling. "Isn't that lovely?"

    "Ummm, sure. Well, now that you had your first... er... victim, what is there next for Ivy Hale in IWT? Since right now, you have accomplished the first thing you set out to do and we're not sure what can be next for you."

    "That's the thing, the world is wide open for me and IWT is just ripe for the picking."

    Pulling the interviewer closer, she looks into the blank space of the room and speaks.

    "When I look at IWT, I see a land that, to use a phrase I said for Reagan Cole, is on the edge of madness. The roster is split in their own groups and it is an all-out fight for survival on the battlefields. We have the grizzled warriors who have fought in this land for ages and are desperate to protect it. Then we have the young gladiators. Those who are hungry to get recognition" With disgust "Who try to fight for their "dreams" and are chasing gold. Then we have those who rebel against the status quo, perhaps frustrated with their standing, or maybe greedy for power. And to contrast them we have those who are privileged and wish to keep it the same. These are only some of the divisions I see and there are so much more. So many different factors playing a hand and where does a girl like myself fit in?"

    She yanks the tie and looks back at him.

    “I'm going to break each of these men down one by one. No matter how strong you are, we all live in fear and I personally will unmask each and every person. They will be exposed and will only become footnotes in my nightmarish empire. Because when you are the Empress of Fear, you're always the girl in their nightmares.”

    Ivy Hale starts to laugh and the interviewer looks down, looking very uncomfortable…

    “Ok, well thank you for your time, Ivy….bye!”

    Before she can say a word, he dashes out of the room and shuts the door. She slyly grins and gets back on the floor to meditate as the camera goes outside of the locker room to see the interviewer, breathing heavy.

    “Ok, remind me to ask for a raise.That chick is fucking insane!”

    The camera fades away.
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