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  1. I've seen and read plenty of people discussing how important it is have a big moment at Wrestlemania to cement your legacy. For example, Randy Orton's career has been great, but he hasn't done much of anything at 'Mania. Dolph is always in some joke match at 'Mania.

    Hogan bodyslamming Andre at 3. The Stone Cold heel turn at 17. Rock's match with Hogan at 18. Triple H punting Orton at 25. The list goes on. How important is it for a wrestler's legacy to have a big moment at 'Mania?
  2. Tbh it's not a big deal. WM is huge but a legend aint built on one PPV unless ur Taker! Undefeated will never happen again.
  3. Wrestlemania Moment: When it used to be good.
  4. I think it is important in cementing the biggest legends such as Hogan / Andre, Warrior / Hogan, HBK / Bret, Austin / Bret and Takers general streak. Im not saying any of those guys wouldn't have been huge without but not as big as they were imo.

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  5. The Stone Cold heel turn was the opposite of a Wrestlemania moment. Worst thing ever
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