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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Aug 27, 2014.

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    A long time ago, me, seabs and pop tatari (now known as @Karaoke Of Cosmos ) used to run something called Indy night. When we got together, watched an independent show and ran a live discussion.

    This is something that Pop and I want to bring back, and here it is. Under the new name of the WWE Forums Wrestling Party.

    The plan is this. We decide on a day, we decide on an event to watch (any fed) and we set up for a friendly live discussion. We think that this can bring some added activity to this section and would be a fun community thing to do.

    Is this something you people are interested in? And if yes, when would you like to see the first Wrestling Party take place?
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  2. I'd be down, and I'm free most days.
  3. I'm interested, really depends on time and day though; like Monday & Wednesday nights won't work for me other than that I'm free most nights.
  4. Is this done through text or voice? I personally find voice would be much more entertaining as long as no one is loud/acts like a bellend.
  5. I'd like to take part of this....Seems like a good way to increase activity.
  6. Yep, sign me up.
  7. Sign me up. I'm not available from 7 to 3 PM Central, Monday-Friday though.
  8. I'm in (providing I'm at not at work)
  9. This sounds like a lot of fun. I'd be available most days as long as it happens after 8pm Central Time.
  10. What about the Hot seat threads?
  11. I'm in as long as I don't got work.
  12. @Stopspot put the image below the text, you can see half the image on the featured thread thing on the forum and it looks stupid :dawg:
  13. Definitely in :D
  14. or I just edit the content in the feature bar.
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  15. you're stupid
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  16. Im in.

    anytime after 5pm Monday through Friday. (Central Time)
  17. So.... When do you lads want to run a party? This weekend? Next weekend?
  18. This weekend would be fine by me.
  19. this weekend.
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