Storyline The Writing Is On the Wall

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  1. *Marcus is in the dark room with the glowing paint on the walls, he is looking at some of the writing*

    Writing is on the walls

    *Corey turns around*

    "Sigh.... Retribution is this weekend and it's only a matter of time before I show my bones to Will and prove to him that his glass house is about to fall. But before that, he kept mentioning something about me that I found upsetting to me. He called my promos 'cute'. He kept saying 'cute promo kid' and looked at me like I was a ghost. Well Savat, if you think that was 'cute', then listen to this. I've like to say a few things before we square off with the help of visuals I've put on these walls... so pay attention, please.

    *Marcus walks by the wall*

    Here I Am

    "Here I am Will, you want all of me, well this is all of me. People look at me and see me as the guy who lost his debut match, well i'm unashamed of my mistakes Will. I walk the paths I have to take to make it where I wanna go, I've just begun here like you, you call me a kid, well i'm not a kid, i'm a guy at the same level as you standing tall for all to see. I'm not gonna let anyone bring me down, but I... I am going to be the one to drag you down come Retribution. Why? Well..."


    Diamonds Aren't Forever

    "Because Diamonds Aren't Forever... you are the self proclaimed shining diamond Savat. A diamond is something that you gaze into for such a long time you must honor it, you must call it the Best in the World. Well let's face it, you can't gaze at a Diamond forever right? What has value can always lose it, the world changes, seconds, minutes, hours, days go by and soon that Diamonds loses it's spark and soon has no attention at all. That's going to be you will, the world is changing, and as it changes, it loses it's gaze for you. Hold on though... there is more."

    *Keeps Walking*

    Relentless Chaos

    "Will, our match at Retribution will be nothing short of this, I guarantee it. Months after this match, we'll be looking back and we'll be thinking to ourselves, it was hard to bring the other guy down. The difference is i'll be the one to say I took your misery and gave it all back to you at a more intense level than how you held it before. Misery exists in all of us Will, you know it, it's more dormant in some than others. You know what brings out misery and i'll tell you once again what it is. It's the same thing that brings down the glass house and knows where hope lies and who has none. That is none other then The Bad Omen, your Bad Omen. ME. Misery is a whole new level come retribution and I hope you are ready to deal with it."


    Same Book But Never the Same Page

    *Corey Smiles at this quote*

    "It's an open book Will, that's it, that's all you are. I look at you y'know, maybe one day you'll just be in the notch of the wall that made me. I know I'm building you up on the inside Savat, Blizzard no showed your first match and got you off easy, THIS IS IT, this is your official first match in IWT. I am the one building you up and will be the one just doing it to break you down. I'm gonna like building you up in this match Will, I really do, nothing satisfy me than a good opponent, but not as much as breaking you down. You are worth my time i'll tell you that, it's great you came across me, because I will be the one to take everything from you. Y;now Will, you are right, you are my foundation, the first notch in my wall, and i'll be sure to remember that as I bust up yours."

    *Walks away from wall*

    "Well wasn't that cute Savat? I bet you think it was, you are probably as blind as you deaf. Will...."


    "You are not the Best in the World.... I am not the Best in the World.... but I.... I AM THE BEST OF YOUR WORLD. And at Retribution, i'll be the one to show you what World you missed out on. What World you've been missing for so long, and what World completes you... I'll see you soon..."

    *Fade to Black, end segment*

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