The WWE Debate

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  1. 1. Should Chris Benoit Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame
  2. who tf cares at this point?
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  3. Why would WWE let a murderer into their (not so) prestigious publicity stunt.
  4. 1. No suicidal talk.
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  5. This is a very tough call for me. Benoit was probably my favorite wrestler in the world when he died and had been for a while. I remember being overjoyed when he won the WCW World title (for a night) and thinking WCW was insane for not finding a way to keep him around. I was disappointed when he left, but I understood that they weren't ever going to give him his due (this was hard for a WCW fan to accept, considering the thing I loved about the company was their historic pushing of in-ring ability over flash...but....Hogan). My answers to the question:

    1) Yes - Chris Benoit was a tremendous talent, a multi-time champion who got himself over despite a lack of some of the obvious traits that WWF/E has always valued in a main event level star. He was a tremendous technical wrestler who understood ring psychology and could put on great matches with anybody. As for the main argument against his induction, the professional (American) football, baseball, and basketball Halls of Fame all have....shall we say, less than stellar human beings that have been inducted based purely on their success and talent in the sport, including people who have (allegedly) committed murder.

    2) No - The fact that Benoit (for whatever reason) apparently took the lives of his wife and son will forever mar his reputation so much that he cannot be put into the WWE Hall of Fame.

    It comes down to the prevailing viewpoint of how detrimental that one action was to Benoit's image and how much that action would hurt the image of WWE. At this point, I have to go with no. I think the damage done to WWE's image by being associated with the last actions of Chris Benoit have to keep him out of the Hall of Fame. In another ten years, that might be different, but that's how I see it at this time.

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  6. In terms of his career and in-ring ability, he definitely deserves it. He is one of the greatest in-ring workers in the history of the business. He had many great matches and gave us many great moments.

    However, his enormous legacy as an in-ring performer and technical wrestler has now been completely negated by actions on the day of June 23. 2007. The mere fact that he murdered his wife, son and himself is enough (and, IMO, rightfully so) to keep him out of the Hall.
  7. I don't know anymore, there's too much reasons on both sides, Chris Benoit killed his family and himself but then again he wasn't thinking straight due to all those headbutts.
  8. This. Perfect explanation.
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  9. WWE HOF is a joke who gives a fuck. And they won't even acknowledge Benoit's existence, much less put him in their shitty wiki page of fame.
  10. They have a convicted rapist in there as well as someone who will soon be on trial for murder in there so it wouldn't be anything new.
  11. Tyson didn't rape that bitch
  12. There's no conclusive answer to your question because there are two vastly vastly different factors at play here. There's absolutely no amount of wrestling prowess/achievements/legacy that can balance out the acts that were committed by Benoit; his alleged medical condition notwithstanding. Even if somebody of the stature of Hogan/Flair had committed acts of such magnitude, I highly highly doubt that they would have commanded a place in the HoF. Add to it the fact that WWE has incessantly been working towards an image makeover towards a product acceptable to the more diversified demographics, which effectively puts the final nail on the coffin.
  13. They have a celebrity wing so why not have 'd*ckheaded' wing as well?

    Guys like Benoit, Chyna and Vince Russo can be in this wing. They're awful people but left a nice smelling turd as their legacy.

    While they're add it, they can go ahead and shift about 60% of the current members there as well as adding Randy Orton when in it's his turn.