The Wyatts vs Bulletproof

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  1. I think there is a good chance that after the WWE special Roadblock that AJ Styles and Y2J little bromance is going to end, and The New Day will retain. Then I can see The Wyatts ganging up on Styles and then Bulletproof coming to his aid and then them setting up a feud for Mania. I definitely think Wrestlemania needs another big match on the card and this could be it. But I wonder if WWE will let Jericho become a member of Bulletproof? What do you think?
  2. The funny thing is, nobody in the audience will have any idea who these guys are, or why they're helping out Styles... It's best they introduce them to the WWE audience first before they throw them in an angle like that, whether it's video packages or working on NXT first.
  3. No, thank you. I want AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens.

    Anyways, I doubt Bulletproof/Bálor Club debuts at this year's Mania.
  4. Meh. No one will know who any of these guys are, and stables wars work best when it's two groups whom we're already familiar with finally going head to head. A bunch of rookies suddenly challenging the Wyatts to a match at Wrestlemania doesn't interest me very much, even with a whole 'nother month left to build up to it.

    Styles will either face Owens for the Intercontinental Title or be thrown into a si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack challenge match (Owens, Show, Styles, Jericho, Ziggler, The Miz) for the belt instead. That is, assuming Y2AJ doesn't last past next week like I suspect it won't.
  5. Isn't Doc Gallows in Bullet Club? And wasn't he also Festus and some Aces and 8's scrub? :pity1: :gtfo:
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